Generous or chiluda clam: what it is and how to cook it

If you like seafood, you should definitely try the generous or chiluda clam. This mollusk is completely different from all of its kind, as its large size and flavor with sweet notes give it a unique personality. They are one of the most precious treasures of the Sea of ​​Cortez …

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How to find my lost iPhone? Steps to follow

Midtime Editorial Mexico City / 03.23.2022 12:34:46 Losing or having your iPhone stolen can be one of the worst experiencessince not only do you lose the device, but also valuable personal information, private and even banking data is lost, however Apple has paid a lot of attention to this problem …

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How to use emotions to communicate sustainability

According to the survey of this consultancy, the number of advertisements on sustainability has tripled between 2016 and 2021. Five years ago, only 6% of the advertisements had some social or environmental message. These experts believe that companies are going to face a consumer who, while demanding sustainability, is not …

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