“It has completely transformed our logic”

After spending years providing us with some of the best audiovisual productions from around the world while going unnoticed by the general public, South Korean industry ended up conquering the West in a matter of five years; first thanks to the splendid ‘Parasites’ by Bong Joon-ho and, later, with the …

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how to do them and most common mistakes

The legs They are our support. Therefore, we must not neglect them and maintain a correct muscle strengthening. This work can help us preserve and improve muscle mass at any age. It also helps build strong bones. In addition, it is essential to maintain our balance and avoid falls, with …

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How to buy a PS5 in Spain: best tips and tricks

PUnfortunately, acquiring a PlayStation 5 has become quite an odyssey. The lack of chips and the peculiarities of the market have caused the Sony platform to have a lack of stock, although it is not the only one. Today, at MARCA, we tell you how you can buy a PS5 …

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