Russia treats the concessions as proof of weakness

On January 10, US and Russian diplomats are to talk about security guarantees that the Kremlin is demanding from the West, according to a statement by a representative of the US administration, quoted by Reuters. The threat posed by the Russian Federation to Europe, especially Ukraine, was commented on by …

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Rau-Blinken conversation at the request of the American side

As we read in the statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Rau and Blinken talked, inter alia, on the escalation of the actions of the Russian Federation towards Ukraine, as well as the maintenance of a hybrid attack by Belarus on the border with Poland. Secretary Blinken reiterated President …

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“Anti-Christian Hysteria” in India – Information

The current situation in the second most populous country in the world is covered in a long 2-page article entitled “India’s Crackdown on Christianity” in the New York Times on December 27th. Its authors – Jeffrey Gettleman and Suhasini Raj – did not hesitate to describe the situation as “anti-Christian …

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