Russia-Ukraine war, “a close encounter in the skies of the Black Sea between the US drone and the plane carrying Lavrov to Turkey”

A “Close encounter” in the skies above the black Sea between the plane carrying the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov to Antalyawhere tomorrow he has a meeting with his Ukrainian counterpart scheduled Dmytro Kulebait’s a US drone on reconnaissance. This is what the site reported ItaMilRadarborn in 2016 to trace …

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Ukraine, still sirens in Kiev and Poland offers planes

KIEV (UKRAINE) – “The Russian occupation forces torture the personnel of the plant nuclear of Zaporizhzhia. According to the information in our possession, the occupiers forced the management to record a message to use it for propaganda purposes ”. Ukrainian Energy Minister Herman Halushchenko announces it on his Facebook page. …

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Because this time the sanctions against Russia are effective

Economic sanctions as an instrument of political pressure against a country that has violated international law were first introduced by the League of Nations in 1935 against Mussolini’s Italy which had invaded Ethiopia. Since then they have been adopted on different occasions but without ever having enjoyed a good reputation. …

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