Ukrainian war, Fitch: “Russia at risk of default”

Ukrainian War, Fitch Ratings has again lowered Russia’s long-term sovereign debt rating to ‘C’ from ‘B’, reflecting the risk of an “imminent” default. In its analysis, the rating agency justified the downgrade in part as a result of the decree passed in Russia on March 5 that could potentially force …

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We found the wreck of the Endurance

Last weekend the mission to locate the ship Endurance on the Antarctic continent it achieved its goal, locating the wreck three kilometers deep in the Weddell Sea more than a century after it was shipwrecked in the ice on November 21, 1915. TheEndurance it is one of the most famous …

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There is no agreement on war fighters for Ukraine

For several days, Poland and the United States have been discussing the opportunity and ways in which to supply the Ukrainian air force with fighter jets. The fighters have been asked several times by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who needs air forces to limit the damage caused by Russian bombardments …

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