Caterina Balivo: “I always say what I think”

“There are no perfect couples, we too have been in crisis For jealousy I make scenes”

Corriere della Sera, by Candida Morvillo, p. 27

For twenty years, Caterina Balivo was the essential face of Rai daytime. Whether it was on Raiuno or Raidue, from Monday to Friday she entered our homes. Then, in the first lockdown, she decides to let her come in early. Come to me. Closed program, team disbanded. For the past two years, she has been home with her children. “I wanted to hear what was happening in the world and also to my family,” she says now. She adds: “Even just having lunch with them eating dishes cooked by me was a very strange feeling, after so many baskets consumed in the dressing room while I was being made up.” After her, she produced a podcast (I restart from no), she was sworn by the Masked Singer, but she no longer said good afternoon or good morning in favor of the camera. Her return takes place in recent weeks, with two new programs and prime time. The bob has grown, her hair is long again, her verve is the same as hers when she made her Miss Italia debut in 1999.

When did you get the idea of ​​making TV?

“It was a goal already at 15. I saw a commercial to participate in Bellissima. My grandmother, who always told me “you are beautiful”, had recently passed away. I had never believed her, I didn’t feel beautiful at all. In front of the commercial, I thought: if she was right, they’ll get me. Under the house in Aversa, there was a wedding photographer, I show up with the 5,000 lire that my grandfather had given me at Easter and with a very high-necked double-breasted coat. I only ask for black and white close-ups. A photographer tells me: you will only pay me if they catch you ».

And did they take it?

«I never sent the photos: I was afraid of being disappointed by my grandmother. Who knows if, sending her, perhaps they would have softened, they would have said: look at this one that sends photos completely covered … Then, since if I put something in my head I have to do it, I decided that I would try Miss Italy, but only after the high school diploma ».

He finished third and became the valley of «Let’s bet», and then conducted many programs. Among others, «Unomattina», «Casa Raiuno», «Afternoon on the 2nd», «Italian party», «Detto & fare», «Come to me» …

“The last three he said, I created them from scratch. They left quietly, I struggled, I made them take off to great ratings: they were my best gratification ».

Italian party, however, they took it away from the top of the audience, relegating it to Raidue. It seems that the director did not like an interview in cul spoke about him.

“The career of a conductor is like that of a football player: the result does not always correspond to his performance”.

She herself accused herself of not being able to count to ten before speaking.

“I haven’t learned how to do it yet. I always say what I think. I only improved on social media: my gaffes date back to when there was still no perception that what you wrote could be exploited ».

She had to give up the role of godmother of Gay Pride for an old joke (“Ricky Martin is good even if he is gay”) and had to delete a post on Diletta Leotta in which he observed that, to Invoke privacy, she was too little dressed.

“Today I realized that when you have the impulse to write, rather, it is better not to write. It strikes me that my son Guido Alberto is just like me. To my husband I say: you explain it to him that he has to count up to 20.10 I am not credible ».


On Tv8, he hosts «Who wants to marry my mom)» and, from 24 August, «Help» on Raidue. Why not only Rai is start up again?

“I want to do new things that stimulate me. On Tv8, separated mothers question themselves and the child can also decide for them. While Help starts from the assumption that every day we make thirty thousand decisions, perhaps asking for advice from a friend, while here the advice comes from strangers. They are two very different projects, but both with a psychological aspect that I love. I live with emotions, I have to feel the programs ».

Until when do you want to do TV?

“Simple: as long as I enjoy myself.”

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