Catherine Deneuve arrives in the Marvel universe!

Catherine Deneuve will become a version of Black Widow for the Marvel’s Wastelanders audio series scheduled for November on Audible, Amazon’s audiobook app.

Catherine Deneuve at Marvel, it’s done!

The Disney studio has proven that it is capable of attracting big stars to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). It must be said that superhero films have become extremely powerful, raking in astronomical sums at the global box office. Marvel has often brought important names within his stable.

Among the many performers, we can cite in particular Robert Downey Jr., Samuel L. Jackson, Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Portman or Anthony Hopkins. However, there are names that you wouldn’t imagine being associated with Marvel, like that of Catherine Deneuve.

Black Widow for a podcast

And yet, the French actress will be able to add that to her CV. Rest assured, the one who has just played Bernadette Chirac is not going to put on a costume and do crazy things in front of a green screen. As Audible announced, Catherine Deneuve will “simply” lend your voice for a podcast scheduled for next month. This will be the third part of the audio series Marvel’s Wastelandersavailable on November 8 to subscribers of Audible (Amazon subsidiary).

Catherine Deneuve will therefore be the French voice of a superheroine, and not just any superhero since she was hired to be the VF of a version of the Black Widow (Black Widow in VO) – the most famous being the version brought to the screen by Scarlett Johansson. In this podcast, however, the Frenchwoman will be Helen Black and will play in New York, “almost 30 years after the day the super-villains took power, also called “V-Day” indicates Audible on its site. The actress Stefi Celma will also be present to lend her voice.

Finally, remember that two parts of the Marvel’s Wastelanders audio series have already been offered. In the previous ones, we could hear Antoine de Caunes and José Garcia, as well as Olivier Marchal and Assa Sylla.

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