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Luca Abete from Strip the News returns to dealing with citizenship income and merchants who offer themselves as “ATMs”. In this case, he pinched a filling station that, in addition to delivering fuel, also delivers cash to income earners in exchange for a percentage. “In this distributor we are told it is customary to illegally withdraw cash from the card instead of purchasing goods and services”, says the satirical news correspondent. “Look, but it is possible to do it money exchange with the income card? “, asks an actress of Strip at the gas station. Who replies: “So, us every 100 euros we take 15 euros. Only to you though, because you are a good, kind person “.

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Then we take action: “I’ll do it on the Pos 345 and I’ll give you 300 cash euros, I took 45”, says the gas station attendant in the service. “The gas station attendant is really relaxed – comments Abete – simulates the purchase of fuel that has never happened”. “But then what turns out? What did I buy?”, Asks the actress. And he: “Madam, gasoline … everyone does it … nothing happens”. “Can I take them all as well?”, She continues. “We make two transactions, just to be inconspicuous, do you understand?”.

“Gas station ATM”, the service of Striscia la Notizia

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Abete then reaches the gas station and asks him: “How are we doing with the citizenship income?”. “I don’t know anything, I can’t tell you anything. They told you nonsense, here we do the gas stations, we don’t do anything”, he replied. “Are you also a perceiver?“, asks the correspondent of Strip. “Me? I work, I am a simple worker”, the answer. Too bad, however, that she had said something else to the actress. “Let’s hope they don’t take away the income, do you take it too?” She asked. And the gas station attendant: “It’s normalthe property is not mine, it belongs to my father-in-law “.

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