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The junta led by the mayor Giovan Battista Castagna approved the final project for the safety mesa of Cava Pozzillo. In bureaucratic jargon these are “interventions for risk mitigation and hydrogeological instability – ex Cava Baino (Cretaio – Cava Pozzillo). It is a work with a total value of over 820 thousand euros. An important intervention, allowed by the 2019 budget law which, in order to encourage investments, had assigned contributions to municipalities for investments relating to public works for the safety of buildings and the territory, up to an overall limit of 350 million euros for 2021 , of 450 million euros for 2022, 550 million for the years from 2023 to 2025, of 700 million euros for 2026 and finally of 750 million euros per year for each of the years between 2027 and 2030. Between the other the State has provided for the refinancing of an additional 600 million for 2021. The project approved by the Municipality of Casamicciola is part of those interventions to ensure the safety of the territory at hydrogeological risk of a preventive type in areas with a high risk of landslides or hydraulic, certified by the competent technical staff of the body or other institutions also on the basis of Ispra data to reduce risk and increase the resilience of the territories or, but also the restoration of structures and infrastructures damaged as a result of natural disasters, as well as increasing the level of resilience from hydraulic or landslide risk. The ministry had disbursed the first installment of the loan, equal to 164 thousand euros. The Rup had been identified in the engineer Baldino and the design had been assigned, through the Asmecomm-Tuttogare platform, to the temporary group of professionals formed by the engineers Alessandra Orso, Angelo Di Libero and by the geologist Antonio Cofrancesco, for a total contractual amount of approximately 102 thousand euros.

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