CBD marijuana in Bukowina Tatrzaska. “We don’t want any trawomats here”

Vending machines with hemp products have been built in Poland for several years. They are completely legal, because the marijuana they sell contains trace amounts of THC (the content must be lower than 0.2%) and, according to the law, it is industrial hemp.

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Cannabis with CBD in “trawomats” disturbs the inhabitants of Bukowina Tatrzańska

A vending machine with hemp products has been installed at the GS Cooperative in Bukowina Tatrzańska, reports Tygodnik Podhalański. This did not appeal to the residents, who indignantly wrote to the newspaper to publicize the matter.

We don’t want any lawns here. Messages [z informacją – red.] about this trawomat appeared in school, the products intended for adults are bought by students aged 10, 11, 12 and 13

– says one of the residents.

Shame on whoever allowed this chest to be set up. Is there really no other source of income left?

– another reader asks.

According to a report from WHO’s 41st Committee of Experts on Drug Addiction (ECDD), cannabis with trace amounts of THC up to 0.2 percent. they do not have a psychoactive effect and the potential for abuse and addiction. The main ingredient of the cannabis sold in “travomats” remains CBD, which has therapeutic properties. Works, among others for sedation and can reduce stress. Also, THC is used as a medicine and is an ingredient in medical marijuana. Its use, however, requires consultation with a doctor, and the dried fruit can be bought on a prescription in pharmacies.

MP Paulina Matysiak about CBD machines

This is not the first time that the inhabitants have been disturbed by “grass machines”. The PiS politicians intervened in this matter. One of them, Artur Szałabawka, wants to limit the availability of these machines. “It’s hard to resist the impression that the aim of the companies installing such vending machines is to familiarize society with marijuana as such,” said the MP.

I can only tell Mr Szałabawka that he was very late, because the society, especially the younger generations, is very familiar with marijuana, and not because of the machines in question. I believe that it will finally reach the rulers that it is the 21st century and that Polish society is much more reasonable in this matter than its representatives in parliament.

– Paulina Matysiak, MP from the Left Together told us in the April interview.

Looking at the comments under the article by Tygodnik Podhalański, it is hard not to agree with the MP.

After all, there is no psychotic substance in it, because in Poland there is a ban on the sale and possession of drugs. It’s cannabis without THC, like you can buy at a pet store. Get hold of yourselves

– writes one of the users.

So why not educate the locals about how CBD differs from THC? By the way, you can draw attention to the problem of alcoholism in the region and how it can be prevented

– adds another.

Seriously?! After all, this grass from the vending machine is like non-alcoholic beer

– other readers are writing.

The party Together filed a package of cannabis laws a few months ago decriminalizing small amounts of marijuana for personal use, the cultivation of industrial cannabis and the production of medical marijuana.

We have good news! Two of them were given print numbers and were sent to the first readings!

– wrote Matysiak on November 14.

The reading of the draft on the cultivation of industrial hemp will take place during a joint meeting of the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development and the Committee on Health. The medical marijuana bill was sent directly to the Sejm. The amendment decriminalizing the possession of small amounts of marijuana for personal use is still frozen.

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