Cecilia Galliano Shows off Her Body and Humiliates Angelique With a Thong

Shakes up social networks with her daring hidden garment, the Argentine actress reveals her statuesque figure and surpasses Angelique Boyer

Sporting splendid anatomy of heart attack, the beautiful Argentine actress Cecilia Galliano placed herself under the spotlight after she appeared showing off a tiny thong-style swimsuit , and thus humiliated actress Angelique Boyer with her charms.

And it is that the famous Argentine has stood out since she arrived in Mexico as a model with actor Sebastián Rulli, positioning herself as an icon not only of Mexican television but also of social networks.

It was through her official Instagram account that Cecilia Galliano shared a wonderful postcard in which from a striking and wild environment, she delighted the pupil of locals and strangers by showing off her great body in a tiny so-like swimsuit, the same one with which she left everyone with their mouths open because of the openness of the garment and its charm.

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So he ended up sweeping the French actress Angelique Boyer because despite being 13 years apart, it is incredible how Galliano looks far above average women, which is why he ended up taking the ovation on social networks.

Quickly the intense reactions began to arrive from the followers of the native woman from Marcos Juárez, Córdoba, managing to obtain more than 90 thousand ‘likes’ in the form of the already known red hearts, which are used to encourage her to continue. sharing more of his spectacular photographs.

Galliano is one of the celebrities who can rock any type of outfit that is put in front of her, because with her very well defined and marked figure it is impossible not to steal the camera every time she is presented with a new opportunity to do her thing, this time in a little beach outfit.

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