Celebrate 30 Years of Miranda Cosgrove with iCarly and Drake & Josh

Mexico.- American actress Miranda CosgroveKnown for her roles on the series iCarly and Drake & Josh, This 14th May, let’s celebrate his arrival on the third stage of life And fills everyone with nostalgia.

Mirandawho gave life to characters like insignia Carly Shay and Megan Parker In the Nickelodeon series, turns 30 And he takes advantage of this special celebration to share with his fans where he is in his life and his words couldn’t be more inspiring.

,i feel so grateful Miranda Cosgrove shared in her most recent Instagram post, where so many congratulations go out to my crazy, hilarious, amazing mom and all the memories I’ve been able to create over the past 30 years.

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Miranda is an American actress, singer, songwriter and designer who rose to fame in 2003 for her participation in the show ‘Drake & Josh’, which would later lead her to star in her own series called ‘iCarly’.

Besides some successful albums in the United States, he also has other projects such as movies and series from 2001 to 2023.

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