«Celebration but also prayer for those who live with war» – Il Golfo 24

Dear citizens of Casamicciola, in giving you my most sincere wishes for a Happy Easter, I cannot fail to focus initially on this sort of return to normality that seems to characterize the festive period after two long and painful years due to the pandemic. An invisible enemy who is loosening his grip but in front of whom – and I renew my appeal also in this circumstance – we must not let our guard down. But I imagine that for you too it has represented and will represent an emotion and a caress to the heart to enjoy some moments of Easter that belong to our history and our tradition: the Madonna della Notte in Procession, the Representation of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ returning to Piazza Marina to the delight of residents and tourists and, allow me, also the sound of the bells at the Maio, where the scars of 21 August 2017 are still visible. A symbolic fact, there is no doubt, but in that sound many also want to hear a sign of the rebirth that our country will certainly experience.

In every auspicious occasion, it is my consolidated custom, I do not dwell on what the administration is doing to improve the area and on the projects we are carrying out, because I do not consider it the most appropriate place. But in what is intended above all to be a moment of prayer, I feel like addressing an affectionate and fraternal thought to those who will spend Holy Easter with the war as a horrible scenario. To the Ukrainian brothers who have already landed on our island and to those who might join them, I am sure that the community that I am honored to represent (like the whole island) will not lack support and support, and in Casamicciola this will happen thanks to some of the nobles institutions and associations that spend every day in the area for others. In the meantime, I wish you a peaceful Easter: we will be able to return to greet each other, to look into each other’s eyes, to fully experience the holiday. Until a few years ago it would have been the norm, today it becomes extraordinary as if by magic. And then that we also need this to increase our sense of community. And being a “family” animated by a common interest.

Happy Easter

Giovan Battista Castagna


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