Celebrities and children who are ‘two drops of water’

“They are like two drops of water”, insurance has heard this phrase on more than one occasion when referring to a person is very similar to another.

This situation it lives even in the world of showbiz, where the children of the famous have similar traits to their parents. Here is a list of some of them.

Mothers and children

One of the most well known cases of celebrities who look like their children is Ava Philippe and Reese Witherspoon.

Are also: Jennifer Lopez and Emma and Max Anthony; Meryl Streep and Mamie Gummer; Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn; Scarlett Johansson and Melanie Sloan; Dakota Johnson and Melanie Griffith, Heather Locklear and Ava Sambora; and Madonna and Lourdes Maria.

This list includes: Susan Sarandon and Eva Amurri Martino; Demi Moore and Rumer Williams; Julianne Moore and Liv Helen Freundlich; Bette Midler and Sophie von Haselberg; Donna and Gaby Karan; and Tina Fey and Alice Richmond.

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These celebrities leave you with your mouth open when they arrive to the different events, because of its resemblance attracts attention.

Parents and children

Just as there are famous that are very similar to your children, there are also actors and celebrities men who have children with similar traits to them. Do you want to know who they are? Here’s a short list.

In this section are: Jim and Jay Carrie, Michael and Kirk Douglas; Tom and Colin Hanks; Paul and James McCartney; John and Sean Lennon; Martin and Charlie Sheen; Donald and Kiefer Sutherland; and Alan and Robin Thicke.

They are also David, Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz Beckham; Spike and Jackson Lee; Sean and Hopper Penn; Clint and Scott Eastwood; and Will and Jaden Smith.

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All of these personalities are aware of their resemblance to their parents that very well could make doubles of their parents.

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