Celebrities banned from purchasing Ferraris

The Kardashian family, known worldwide for the reality show “Keeping Up With the Kardashians”, as well as the singer Justin bieber, was banned from “Ferrari”, one of the largest automakers in the world, according to today’s publication, 18, of the Spanish newspaper “Marca”.

It is worth remembering that the company is very strict in its image management and carefully selects who can buy a vehicle around the world. As the newspaper reported, the automaker did not say the reason for the impediment to purchase by the family, it only revealed the ban.

A statement from the car brand was also recalled saying that there is no specific list responsible for prohibiting people from buying cars, but the company “reserves the option to carefully choose who has access to the most exclusive units”.

Other celebrities denied by Ferrari

The singer Justin bieber was listed as denied when trying to acquire new cars from the company, under the allegation of “bad example”, after crashing a Ferrari 458 model, while driving drunk. Another American singer is on the list, the rapper 50 Cent was denied access when criticizing the company and washing his car with champagne.

Floyd Mayweather, richest boxer in the world, was banned by the “toxic and aggressive lifestyle”, according to the communication team.

Finishing, Nicolas Cage got banned for a more unusual reason. After the purchase of the model “Ferrari Enzo”, the actor had to sell the vehicle for changes in plans in film recordings in which he was participating.

By making the vehicle available for a lower price, Ferrari quickly showed outrage, forbidding him to purchase any new product.

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