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Celebrities show they have everything to do with their zodiac signs

The artistic world has increasingly approached astrology. Many famous people like to know the horoscope of the day and follow the movement of the planets. Some have such a strong connection with the stars and the characteristics of their sign that they even bring the subject into their songs.

Although only a complete birth chart can explain precisely how each star influences the lives of these individuals, it is possible to trace some characteristics of each personality through the sun sign. According to astrologer Cláudia Lisboa, this element is the heart of the entire astrological structure — everything in the chart vibrates around its energy.

Far beyond the stereotypes that permeate the zodiac, celebrities such as Beyoncé, Rihanna, Anitta, Luísa Sonza and Bruno Mars show how the sun sign can have everything to do with your personality.

Aries (3/21 to 4/20)


Photo: Marco Ovando/Disclosure

First of the zodiac, the sign is considered decisive, authoritative and “chasing” confusion – but not only these adjectives live the Aries. According to Lisboa, he represents impulsiveness, intensity, self-love, leadership, creativity and willpower.

Given these characteristics, there is no denying that Anitta is an Aryan root. “Girl from Rio”, which began her career in Furacão 2000, has always been determined and with leadership power when she says that one day she would take funk to the international music scene.

Years passed and the Brazilian made the song “Envolver” in the first position of the most listened songs worldwide on Spotify. When performing on the main stage of Coachella, one of the great international music events, Anitta transformed the festival into a funk carioca dance.

Taurus (21/04 to 21/05)


Photo: Playback/Instagram

According to astrologer Cláudia Lisboa, the main qualities of Taureans are perseverance, practicality, work, realism, stability, material security and the pursuit of pleasure. Born on April 24, the singer Ludmilla has the down-to-earth profile characteristic of the sign.

The pursuit of pleasures by the Taurus individual, according to Lisbon, appears under the influence of the five senses. Therefore, it is not surprising that Ludmilla is a Taurus, since she has never hidden this side, often showing herself to be a woman ahead of her time.

Gemini (22/05 to 21/06)

Ivete Sangalo

Photo: Rafa Mattei/TV Globo

Known for being the most communicative individual in the zodiac, Gemini is also flexible, curious, quick, intelligent and dual. Contemplating these characteristics is the singer Ivete Sangalo, a Gemini of the 27th of May.

The current presenter of The Masked Singer Brasil, shown on TV Globo, is pure charisma. Every Sunday, Ivete shows a little about her communicative essence and her quick thinking in the face of unusual situations that occur on the show.

Cancer (22/06 to 23/07)

Luisa Sonza

Photo: Playback/Instagram

When it comes to astrology, singer Luísa Sonza does not hide from anyone that she is a sign of cancer. The artist, who even released a song with the name of her sun sign in partnership with the rapper Xamã, has already said on social networks that she is very affectionate with friends and family, very emotional and even a little crying.

The characteristics are reinforced by the astrologer Cláudia Lisboa, highlighting that the Cancerian is affectionate and has a strong connection with the family.

Leo (7/24 to 8/23)

Dua Lipa

Photo: Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Announced as the main stage headliner on the last day of Rock In Rio 2022, Dua Lipa is Leo on August 22nd. With an authentic personality and contagious energy, the singer caught the spotlight quickly and soon went to the top of the pop charts worldwide.

People of this sign are confident, bright, energetic, with a lot of willpower and self-love. Dua Lipa lives up to the characteristics of those born during the third decan of Leo.

Virgo (8/24 to 9/21)


Photo: AFP/Getty Images

The search for perfection is one of the most striking characteristics of the Virgo. This individual is practical, observant, organized, pragmatic and takes great care of their health and well-being, according to Lisbon.

One of the big names in international music, Beyoncé is a Virgo and has a personality very similar to the essence of her sign. The singer is known for her work that is always impeccable and minimally planned, always showing herself to be a perfectionist and organized in everything she sets out to do.

Libra (22/09 to 23/10)

Bruno Mars

Photo: Disclosure

The sign of Libra is marked by impartial, diplomatic, harmonious, righteous, rational people who are easily able to create relationships and resolve conflicts. A famous representative of Libras is the singer Bruno Mars, who is sociable and exudes charisma wherever he goes.

In addition, the singer is dedicated and rarely delivers a work that is not well done. Another striking point of Libras is the care with their appearance, which is also not lacking in Mars.

Scorpio (10/24 to 11/23)


Photo: Aaron M. Sprecher/AFP

Intense, deep, sensitive and mysterious — this is how Cláudia Lisboa highlights Scorpios. Born between October 24th and November 23rd, they can read between the lines and are quite sexual.

In the artistic world there is a born Scorpio, who draws attention for his somewhat mysterious air. Drake has a somewhat reserved way, but at the same time, he carries a certain sensuality in his songs. In “Hotline Bling,” for example, there is an implied hint of a sexual encounter.

Sagittarius (11/22 to 12/21)

Miley Cyrus

Photo: Mike Coppola/Getty Images

High spirits are one of Sagittarius’ strengths. Added to this characteristic are determination, freedom, curiosity, a sense of humor, an adventurous spirit and creativity.

The singer Miley Cyrus, who recently came to Brazil to perform at Lollapalooza, is one of the personalities who represent Sagittarians well. Over the years of her career, the artist proved to be eccentric, creative and free to express herself in the way she wanted, even if she had to change her style and musical genre countless times.

Capricorn (12/22 to 1/20)

Gloria Groove

Photo: Playback/Instagram

Owner of the hits “The Fall”, “Bonekinha” and “Leilão”, drag queen Gloria Groove is Capricorn and has even recorded a song talking about the sign. For Lisbon, Capricorn people are determined, responsible, prudent, materially secure, focused and solid.

As a good Capricorn, Groove is hardworking and doesn’t fall short when it comes to achieving her professional goals. It is no wonder that the artist has achieved success after success on music platforms.

Aquarius (21/01 to 19/02)

Harry Styles

Photo: Disclosure

Harry Styles lives up to his sun sign. According to Cláudia Lisboa, Aquarians are marked by innovation, independence, originality, transgression, collectivity, rebellion and solidarity.

After leaving the British band One Direction, singer Harry Styles broke paradigms, brought new concepts to the international pop scene, proved to be creative, free and often unpredictable.

Pisces (20/02 to 20/03)


Photo: Mike Coppola/Getty Images

In addition to being the pregnant woman of the moment, Rihanna is a businesswoman, singer, one of the great names in international and Pisces pop music. The astrologer Claudia points out that an individual of the sign of Pisces can be sensitive, intuitive, turned to the spiritual side, mysterious, empathic, emotional and creative.

The singer is a true Pisces native, putting feeling into everything she does. Although she appears to be reserved, when she truly lets go, no one holds her back. “Riri” is also very involved in social causes and helps others without asking for anything in return, like a typical Pisces.

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