Celebrity Gim: It was produced by Emma Watson and by Alex


Emma Watson and her husband Alex invested in the development of a well-rehearsed gimme

No vasto (and generally intragável) world of brands of babies “celebrities”, can be surprised by some of the words “Renaissance Gin” (Gim do Renascimento, in French translation), made by actress and activist Emma Watson, famous by her personage Hermione , no film Harry Potter, and only irmão Alex Watson.

Inspired by our pessoas, our production and our process from Chablis, located 180 kilometers from Paris, onde o pai de les, Chris Watson, mora e invested in vinho há mais de trés decades, a bebida de Emma e Alex trouxe algo único para o boom do gim mercado. Its taste is distinct, complex, luxurious and an inspiration for the winemaking process.

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“Nada disso teria sido possível sem meu pai”, said Alex, while tasting a cocktail highball, which traditionally raised a soda, but which nessa versão entered o gim, our illustrious Hotel de Crillon, in Paris, onde a brand, recently If you buy the goods, you are guaranteed a safe stay. “A peace of mind I always have when it comes to wine with our friends and family, from when I bought my first wine, in 1992. We believe in my peace, but in a different way,” Alex affirmed.

A Domaine Watson brand, which exists separately from Renais Gin, is produced from small wines with a variety of chablis and irancy, which Chris has accumulated in the last very decades. A gin production, based on family tradition, it was developed by the wines of Domaine Watson, recovered from the winemaking process, pre-enriched with vine-grown grand cru wines and a selection of natural vegetables. The result was a peace and union between two families and those of the Watson family. “O Alex vinha sonhando com os gins há anos”, says Chris.

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Born to our parents from Paris, Alex and Emma Fizeram live in the Domaine region during youth – they don’t have a family background, but they want to learn how to work our wines. “I want to be honest. Provavelmente, faith but working for a team that is for people,” admitted Alex. It claims to be an engineer, Alex directs you to be able to do marketing and work, inclusively, as the manager of Diageo, a manufacturer of babies in London.

“Learned very quickly at Diageo and it made me realize that there was an opportunity to do something really different,” she said. “Emma and we have some of the flavors of the Chablis region, its traditions, its unique characteristics of the land, and its sabia that this sub-product (unused) is perfect for capturing the essence of the terroir in an unexpected form”, says Alex . “Mas demorou um tempo para convencer meu pai”.


Gim made in Chablis, in France, from organic and vegetable cascas

Our last 10 years, Chris transformed a small wine, there we started, with a premium wine production, conquered in 2022, with a Silver Medal, or the title of second independent producer of Chablis. Além disso, faith nomeado embaixador na região pero Reino Unido. Apesar do Renais does not belong to a category of Chablis wine (and is concerned with how a protected wine region), Chris who knows the risks and saber but sober the plan of negotiations of the filhos before investing in our negotiation. “Obviamente, eu faria o mesmo”, says Chris. “She is a genius.”

A genialidade is also evident in nature. The sole of the Chablis region, the chamado of Kimmeridgian, the limestone, which is the source of ancient marinated wines, traces the unique minerality of the wines (destacando-os de outros chardonnays), and the Watsons fizeram de tudo to guarantee that the pit is not captured. seu gim. Destilada en small batches to guarantee quality, a baby will pass through extracão das uvas em pedra kimmeridgian, ante de ser destilada com vegetais commemo flores de tília, bagas de cubeba et mel de acácia.

What result? A banquet of minerals in the Chablis style, full of fresh citric fruits, white berries, garden flowers, flowers and zimbro. A product that qualquer Watson lover of Chablis ficaria orgulhoso. “Para mim, o gim é um projection familiar. In the Chablis region there are no memories of childhood queries, as I also have the opportunity to cry algo like my little Alex”, says Emma.


We love Emma and Alex our lives as a family for decades

It’s easy to embed for Emma to guarantee sales with the name of her family, if it’s a brand name, she prefers to wear it along her back to launch her baby. Alex is the leader of our negotiations and the supervision of the company’s creative direction, following the company’s vanguard ideas, which quickly “dark” from the start. “Emma was simply a melhor. It’s just a little bit of my idea – and I don’t believe it’s a simple project to share with me,” Alex affirmed.

Produce a form as it is complicated. In these cases, the files used are available for a period of two weeks, during the period of collection of each year. This bullfight, respecting the nature program, deixa or process of the baby ainda but magic, second to the specialists of the baby. It is clear that it is a complex product process, a premium product and a premium product. For this idea, your order comes with 45 sterling books (R$ 275 at current price).

“Édefinitivamente um gim de luxe”, says Alex, “e não há muitas pessoas produzindo nesse porte. You can tell our stories about how many times we have, continue, and we know that we are happy.” This indicates that the journey of Watson’s photographs will not be acceptable to celebrities, but it is a very pleasant journey.

* Lela Londres collaborated with Forbes EUA, roteirista and specialist in food and baby tales (translation: Flávia Macedo)

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