Celebrity Sarah Hyland dyed her hair pink during the confinement

During this time at home, our hair has taken on a special significance. Nearly everyone has been tempted to cut the bangs, the tips, made a thousand and one hairstyles, dye the gray hair or, why not, bet on the colors more colorful, as have many celebrities.

So, we have seen a good number of famous bet by changes of look of the most crazy, with different colourings that we have hallucinated, like Taylor Swift, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Dua Lipa, Elle Fanning, Hilary Duff and many more.

The experts give us five keys to make us a touch up of color in your hair at home: basic guide for beginners

So, now that we see betting the hair dye fuchsia pink is Sarah Hyland. The actress has been launched into the world of colouring, and has done so with the that we might understand that it is the color of the season: the pink. And is that the majority of the most radical changes we have seen have been with this tonality.

The hairdresser of Jennifer Lopez, Dua Lipa or Kim Kardashian gives the keys to cut the hair of our child at home

Without a doubt, a way to give good vibes to our hair with permanent dyes if we are more daring, or products that are more temporary. Be that as it may, Sarah is great and she looks phenomenal in that tone.

Pictures | Gtres and @sarahhyland

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