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Celeste Barber follows over 8.3 million people on Instagram. She distances herself, the media, and laughs at others. He parodies world celebrities and shows real, imperfect life. Finds a recipe for success? Crazy wobbles, uncoordinated movements, “imperfect” body and jumping into the pool …

She had love for herself / herself

Celeste Barber. Australian actress, comedian, writer, television personality and – as she writes about herself – “lady”. He runs his accounts in the social media on which he creates artistic interpretations of photos and videos published by the greatest show business stars in the world. Celeste introduced herself to the fans as a huge person distance to the media, creativity and self-love. She infected positivity and resourcefulness. Its followers try to create their own projects which they share on their profiles.

He parodies Instagram stars

Celeste maps photos of starssuch as: Rihanna, Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner, Emily Ratajkowski, Izabel Goulart, Kim Kardashian, Bella Hadid, CardiB, Jennifer Lopez or Lara Stone. Works great in comedy roles. He emphasizes that he adores himself had and infected it other.

He juxtaposes his photos with those of famous figures from the world of show business. It does it in a simple way natural and – as fans point out – hilarious. From the data of the website Miesicznyk “InStyle” ogosi j “The funniest Australian King of Instagram“Fans loved it for opened and truth. According to them, Celeste does not pretend to be anyone. Shows true, imperfect life. “Not perfect” ciao, screaming children (which she obviously loves) and #hothusbandthat is, her mother, which is a bit beyond the standard Australian model. And very well! Because it is the Internet users who delight. Naturalno. Is this a recipe for success? Over 8.3 million users follow her on Instagram.

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