The Celeste developers have revealed that the game will not have a sequel and that after Chapter 9 they will probably be working on a new project.

Celeste will not have a sequel, or at least this is the current idea of ​​the developers: after the release of Chapter 9, the team will probably devote themselves to a new project.

“We don’t want to make a sequel to Celeste, ” Matt Thorson said in an interview. “Maybe in the future, we will change our mind, but right now we won’t know how to make it happen by doing justice to the experience. We are much more interested in creating something new for our next project.”

Thorson then spoke of the upcoming Chapter 9, which will introduce over 100 new levels and can be downloaded for free by all the owners of Celeste.

“We want to be clear with our audience: we can offer the expansion for free just because we are in a lucky position right now, but it is not a strategy that we should reasonably expect from any developer, including us, in the future.”

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