Centenary march on Rome, Mussolini’s banner and blow-up appear at the Colosseum

They were lowered from the pedestrian walkway in via degli Annibaldi, in front of the Colosseum: with a giant poster of the Duce, a banner: “The march continues”.

Photo from Twitter.

Photo from Twitter.

They appeared late in the evening today, a few hours after midnight on centenary of the march on Rome: a banner and a blow-up by Benito Mussolini were lowered in front of the Colosseum, from the pedestrian walkway in via degli Annibaldi that connects via del Fegutale (in the Colle Oppio area) with via Vittorino da Feltre. The authors of the gesture were, as can be read from the signature on the banner, top right, the militants of the National Movement. The network of patriots.

But the reactions were not long in coming. In addition to the rebound of the news on social media, it arrived on the spot in a short time the answer to the provocation: the image of Benito Mussolini was overturned and another banner was placed on the other: “So you know how it ends”, said the second, reporting the date of the march on Rome using the Roman numeral X to indicate the October. Shortly after, finally, the police arrived on the scene and removed images and banners.

Posters cover Rome

Already starting today morning, 24 hours after the 100th anniversary, the capital woke up upholstered with posters praising the march on Rome: duce posing, in the center of the image, surrounded by black shirts; the date of the march and that of the centenary; quote from Mussolini, complete with a reproduction of the Duce’s signature and an inscription that stood out in the center: “On the march!”

Mussolini’s bunkers in Rome are still closed a year and a half after our first complaint

Mayor Roberto Gualtieri immediately ordered the removal of the posters scattered throughout the streets of the capital: “Unacceptable and shameful. Rome is and will always be anti-fascist”, he wrote in a tweet. Even the Capitoline councilor Bonessio (EV) expressed himself on the matter: “What happened represents a serious attack on the Constitution which expressly prohibits the reorganization, in any form, of the dissolved fascist party”.

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