Center of Medicine fires Dr. Gasparoni

From Tuesday 9 August the Center of Medicine no longer collaborates with Dr. Pietro Gasparoni. With these words, the Center of Medicine publicly confirmed on Facebook that it had interrupted the collaboration with the endocrinologist who ended up in the storm for having published an appeal against vaccination on the headed paper of the Montebelluna clinic. An announcement that did nothing but throw further fuel on the fire: hundreds of comments in support of the anti-vaccine doctor. There are even those who swear that they no longer want to set foot in the clinic after this decision. Meanwhile, Gasparoni’s position was harshly criticized even by the Medical Association.

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On Wednesday morning, Dr. Gasparoni commented on the news with a long post published on his Facebook profile: “The choice to make the break in the employment relationship between myself and the Center of Medicine public is a choice of ownership, without any possibility of reply . On Tuesday evening the patients were warned and asked to look for me elsewhere, with fairness by Montebelluna who provided a service mobile number. Instead, they were sent into disarray by the Villorba-Treviso Medicine Center. Laura Giannone, head of the Villorba-Treviso Medicine Center, informing me of the resolution challenged me with the word insult. Knowing the vocabulary, each word has a meaning and must be used appropriately. It is certain that the position taken by the Center of Medicine, the methods of communication, the impossibility of a meeting, the distance of languages ​​are complicating my work a lot, creating damage not only to image – writes Gasparoni -. I am especially sorry for people who believe they need me as a doctor. Moreover, I can be found at the office of my municipality, Zero Branco, a clinic that I have recently created, with a new high quality ultrasound system. I’m also thinking that it’s not all that bad: I love the country where I was born, that someone gets to know it will just make me happy. There are also beautiful things to see and interesting stories to discover and in season asparagus and radicchio »he concludes.

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