Central Female Protagonists in Xbox Plans: “Many New Opportunities”

During a chat with IGN, Xbox boss Phil Spencer talked about the role of female protagonists in the company’s future.

In view of the games arriving in July on Xbox Game Pass, it is good to keep in mind that the strategy of the Redmond giant, in the words of Spencer himself, is aimed at changing a line-up dominated mainly by male protagonists.

The same topic has been talked about in recent days regarding GTA 6albeit in a purely hypothetical way and to date without any confirmation from Rockstar Games.

The same goes for the rumored Quake reboot, at the center of some rumors that would see him ready to get rid of a male character to make room for a woman.

The chat with Spencer served to shed light on the ” opportunities ” that this type of approach could guarantee in the future, especially in view of a new Perfect Dark.

The Xbox boss has in fact declared that “it is incredible to focus on a  female protagonist in a title of our line-up since we do not have many in our first-party products ” (via PCGamesN ).

Spencer went on to explain that Joanna Dark, the protagonist of the IP of Rare published for the first time on the Nintendo 64 in the distant 2000, ” can offer many new opportunities, and to see the team working on such a strong character is splendid “.

The speech continued talking about the past and the future of the saga, a veteran, according to Spencer himself ” from a reception that is not entirely satisfactory on Xbox 360. For the new episode, or reboot that is, the important thing will be quality “.

The title will be developed by The Initiative, a software house founded in 2018 and led by Darrell Gallagher (already working on the Tomb Raider reboot ) and still lacks a launch window.

The importance of female protagonists had been assessed pending Gallagher’s enlistment, and Spencer himself stated that ” we were working on these ideas long before he arrived .”

While work on  Perfect Dark continues in the shadows, five titles are ready to say goodbye to the Xbox Game Pass catalog (and among them is a real hit).

Just a few days ago, Phil Spencer spoke of the turning point for Xbox, warning users that it could be a ” fun ” consideration.

PlayStation and Xbox are going through a moment of acquisitions, and our Paolo Sirio has analyzed the facts in a special that will help you shed light on the latest events.

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