CEO of Farmacias Similares after Adele’s visit to Doctor Simi

  • Advertising pets have an impact of more than 10% on sales of a brand.

  • A corporate mascot increases the consumer’s compromise point by 43 percent.

  • The 28th of September, is the International Day of advertising mascots.

You should also see more brands that come into contact with the social laws in the best way to promote our products and services all over the world. An example is the Mexican brand Farmacias Similares, which has launched in all these years a digital position and which ahora its CEO, presumed in TikTok that there was the invitation to the singer Adele to come to Mexico to create the factory of soft toys of the Doctor Simi.

One of the brands that a long time ago was brought to the Mexicans by Farmacias Similares, which was born in 1997 and which, until 2020, the brand registered at 8 thousand branches and with a value of 6 thousand 200 million.

According to Research and Markets, the Alcance brand will reach 7,890 million in 2025, with an annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.9 percent. Data that reflects the popularity of the brand that is present in Guatemala, Chile, Colombia, Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, Chile and Argentina.

Presunta visited Adele with Doctor Simi

In the last few weeks, several rumors emerged of a possible visit and concert of British singer Adele in Mexico, including a video on the social network TikTok, the CEO of Farmacias Similares, Victor González Herrera, presumed that his iconic Doctor Simi There is a personal invitation to the artist in Las Vegas.

All of this came to light that the singer-songwriter of Grammys appeared in various concerts at her residence in Las Vegas with simas plush toys that received obsequies from her fans.

Then, the advertising mascot made an invitation on TikTok to Adele, and she responded to one of our recent conciertos in the United States.

Ahora, through this cuenta in TikTok the direction of the brand shows the message of a botarga from the doctor So as the encargada of travel to Las Vegas has entered the invitation to the singer.

“Será que si? “Sígueme para enterarte queando sepamos”, se le en la descripción del video.

@vicglezh ¿Será que si? ☺️ Sígueme para enterarte queando sepamos #adele #adele30 #elceo ♬ get him back! –Olivia Rodrigo

The recording has gone viral and has registered 192 thousand reproductions and various comments from Mexican fans of the artist.

“I say that I leave CINIA that there are all the botargas that exist so that they are aroused, by favor,” he read in a comment.

“Crossovers that llegarán muy lejos y todos estamos muy felices”, read in our other comment.

It’s worth mentioning that some of the Mexican brand’s advertising mascots have taken over the space in the country’s territory, its history goes back a lot more than that.

From Victor González Torres, creator of Farmacias Similares, Doctor Simi is the representation of a health professional in the tercera edad. Because of having access to the brand’s official website, González Torres inaugurated the branches of his establishment, with the aim of selling generic medicines, from local laboratories, at a price much lower than the patented pharmaceuticals.

The figures of this personaje are made in an artisanal manner. In Cholula, Puebla, approximately 1,000 plush toys are manufactured, with official data from the pharmaceutical company.

Likewise, the company responsible for the manufacture of the plush toy is CINIA, which has its name with 400 workers, of which a 90 by ciento has some type of discapacidad. Con este lazo laboral, pretenden que esas personas se dearrollen en un ámbito cordial. Según Farmacias Similares, they do not receive benefits from the stuffed animals and the food that is intended for CINIA and the withdrawal of our employees.

We can see how a brand has approved social and viral trends to promote and position itself in the national and international market.

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