Cereal prices 2022. How much wheat, rye and triticale in grain purchases?

Since Christmas, many stores have been closed, which puts the grain trade to a standstill. The changes in cereal prices at the end of December were barely visible. On January 10, domestic cereal purchases started and resumed transactions with farmers. What are the current grain prices in 2022?

Stabilization is still visible on the domestic cereal market. Many grain purchases have started January 10, 2022 after the Christmas break. We contacted selected cereal buyers by phone to find out what the current price lists are. Below are the current prices of cereals in purchases: AgroAs, Osadkowski, and Woźniak farms of January 11, 2022. In addition, we checked the latest cereal quotes according to the Ministry of Agriculture. So where can you get the highest price for wheat, rye and triticale? Let’s check it out!

Cereal prices in 2022 How much wheat for?

Purchases of cereals are only recovering after the Christmas and New Year period, when most of the companies on the market were closed. As reported at the end of December, most grain purchasing companies, incl Osadkowski resumed their activities yesterday, i.e. January 10, 2022 r. What grain prices in January 2022 offer Woźniak farms, Osadkowski, and AgroAs?

Business Osadkowski buys consumption wheat after 1280 PLN / t, while feed wheat after 1250 PLN / t. AgroAs while it offers for consumption wheat 1270 PLN / t, a feed wheat buys in the price 1240 PLN / t.

Our editorial office also checked the current wheat prices on the website Woźniak farms. The online FDW listings show that farmers get paid for a ton of wheat between 1150 bad 1180 zloty.

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Cereal prices in 2022

We check the prices of cereals in January 2022

photo by Tomasz Kuźdub

Current prices of rye and triticale in grain purchases

This is how wheat prices look like in procurement AgroAs, Osadkowski and FDW. So let’s move on to current rye price lists and triticale in the above-mentioned purchases. In a telephone conversation with the company Osadkowski we received information that on January 11, 2022 r. this company I do not buy rye and triticale. AgroAs while it offers its clients too I’m toning rye 950 zloty. Quotations Woźniak farms show that for I’m toning rye can be obtained 1070-1100 PLN / t.

Prices triticale at the beginning of 2022, in procurement they even reach over a thousand zlotys per ton. Triticale prices in selected cereal purchases are as follows:

  • Woźniak farms870-900 PLN / t,
  • AgroAs1140 PLN / t.

Cereal prices in 2022 according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

The latest grain prices can be found on the website of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. The Department of Agriculture presented the current cereal prices on the day January 10, 2022 r. So what is the current situation on the cereals market according to the Ministry of Agriculture? According to the latest MRiRW quotations, the average price consumption wheat in the period 27/12/2021-2/01/2022 was 1229 PLN / t, while feed wheat 1203 PLN / t. The ministry also presented the prices of rye and triticale:

  • Feed triticale – 1204 PLN / t,
  • Rye for consumption – 1075 PLN / t,
  • Feed rye – 1049 PLN / t.

Compared to the grain prices presented two weeks ago by the Ministry of Agriculture, a drop in grain prices is visible.

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Source: agroFakt.pl, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, FDW

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