CES 2022 lost to the pandemic. What will we remember apart from emptiness and chaff?

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES for short) is one of the largest and oldest electronics events in the world. The fair has been held with breaks since 1957, and a crowd of over 150,000 usually passes through the cavernous halls. Usually. I will remember the voids from the 2022 edition. And the chin.

CES 2022 has had a bumpy road since its announcement. The organizers chose a hybrid formula, hoping that the exhibitors would physically appear in Las Vegas. From month to month, however, there were more and more companies that refused to come to the “City of Sin”. The effect was visible to the naked eye. Two years ago, it took two full days to walk around the entire fair. In addition, in a crush and snail’s pace. This time, visiting everything CES has to offer took only three hours.

It is not surprising, however. One hall, previously filled with smartphone manufacturers, has completely disappeared from the market map. It was also in vain to look for giants like Intel, MSI, AMD, Google, Amazon … the list is very long. It is easier to name those who did come to CES.

TVs are on top

The honor of the exhibitors was defended by Samsung. The giant’s stand was impressive with its panache, and the Koreans decided to show almost the entire portfolio of their products. If someone started visiting the fair with Samsung, he could feel the spirit of the old CES years. The tour started with a show of Samsung Bot and Samsung Bot Handy robots, i.e. a glimpse into the future of our homes.

A large part of the Koreans’ zone was filled with household appliances, with new models of the Bespoke series at the forefront. If someone thought that refrigerators, washing machines, ovens, and even microwaves (although only in the US) were boring, Samsung decided to correct your mistake. Interchangeable fronts allow the kitchen to come in a variety of colors. In addition, the latest models of refrigerators include a built-in water filter, very functional, and also taking up little space.


CES 2022

Smartphone lovers could see and test the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE presented at CES. But you can read more about him on sister Komórkomania.

An inexhaustible crowd gathered in the section on the latest televisions. The great premiere of Samsung, i.e. microLED, attracted attention. So far, Koreans have used organic diodes in their OLED devices, this time they have opted for semiconductor diodes. Effect?

On site, you could compare the Neo QLED TV with a microLED. And it doesn’t take a particularly skilled eye to see the class difference. The picture was just better, brighter, more vivid. Of course, we are talking about trade fair conditions and the final judgment can be issued after appropriate tests, but at first glance Samsung has another ace up its sleeve. Ace in sizes 89, 101 and 110 inches.

CES 2022. We've seen Samsung Freestyle, the projector you'll take to the woods

CES 2022. We’ve seen Samsung Freestyle, the projector you’ll take to the woods

The new model The Frame, which received a new, matte coating, also made an impression. The effect is knocking. It is really hard to say at first glance whether there is a picture on the wall or a TV set. The screen almost does not reflect light and only after touching it we can tell what we are dealing with. I wonder how much you will pay for this gem.


The chaff and the emptiness

Usually, Samsung and LG, the eternal rival of Koreans, fought for the title of the most impressive stand at CES. What was not there in previous years: a tunnel made of wavy screens, retractable televisions, the effect was almost always electrifying. This year, the only term that is pressed on the keyboard is … chaff.


CES 2022

LG took a large (and probably hellishly expensive) space, which it covered with chaff plates. There, a QR code was waiting for the visitors. After scanning them, we could see what the stands looked like years ago and what the company has to offer this year. A bizarre idea, received rather coolly by the audience.

Panasonic, where we could only watch presentations on televisions, was also disappointing. In turn, Sony showed colorful pads and PlayStation 5 consoles, two cameras and the VISION-S02 electric car. The space for all of this was large, but empty. Suffice it to say that the most commented was not part of the exhibition, but the exceptionally soft carpet …


CES 2022

Even the cars lost the race

Every year at CES, the automotive sector was impressive. The biggest ones competed in presenting concept cars, autonomous cars, drones and other wonders. This year, neither Mercedes nor BMW came to Vegas, and the biggest automotive attraction was a ride in a Tesla (not autonomous), an underground tunnel specially prepared for this occasion, which allows you to avoid traffic jams. In the future, TeslaLoop, as the project is called, is to allow you to travel all over Las Vegas, but at CES, we could see two such stations.

CES 2022
Paweł Hekman

CES 2022

Finally, it is appropriate to list those who did not make it to the fair. And the list goes on: AMD, Intel, MSI, Google, Meta, Amazon, AT&T, Waymo, Lenovo, GM, Proctor & Gamble, IBM.

COVID is still winning

What is the future of CES in Las Vegas? In the backstage conversations, everyone unanimously talks about fatigue with virtual conferences, they express their willingness and longing for physical events. On the other hand, such a formula in the current climate seems to be the safest, and at the same time relatively cheap. It must not be forgotten that the presence of producers at the fair is not free.


CES 2022

You have to pay from a dozen to tens of thousands of dollars for a place. Many companies also have long-term contracts signed with the organizers. The fair itself also serves thousands of employees, and the event also earns drivers, hotels and, of course, casinos. Therefore, there will be plenty of people willing to organize CES 2023. The question of who will come to them remains open.

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