CES 2022. We’ve seen Samsung Freestyle, the projector you’ll take to the woods

Freestyle resembles a portable speaker, weighs less than a kilogram, will level and calibrate itself, and the image will be displayed on everything: wall, ceiling or in a tent.

Samsung experts say that Freestyle was created with Generation Z and Millennials in mind. They are the ones who are most likely to use the portable projector.

– The Freestyle is a one-of-a-kind projector that offers unparalleled flexibility to meet the changing lifestyles of users. Devoid of the limitations traditionally imposed by both the space and the size of the projector, The Freestyle is a pleasant, versatile device that can be used in the way you choose, ” explained Samsung’s Simon Sung during the official presentation of the device at CES 2022, taking place in Las Vegas. Now that we are there, we had a unique opportunity to see how Freestyle looks live.

Samsung introduces a new TV remote control.  Charges via Wi-Fi

Samsung introduces a new TV remote control. Charges via Wi-Fi

Weighing 830 grams, Freestyle is designed to provide “the perfect experience of watching movies and video clips on a screen up to 100 inches”. This is not the end. The device combines the features of a projector, a smart speaker and a solution that provides atmospheric lighting.

I had the opportunity to spend literally a few minutes with the Samsung portable projector. The device gives the impression of being light, but also solid. The stand that allows you to set up the Freestyle is stable and easy to use.

Photo source: © Gadgetomania | Paweł Hekman

Samsung Freestyle

The image is to be fully adapted to any surface and the tent I mentioned in the introduction is no exaggeration. At least that’s what the producers say. Freestyle has also been equipped with a stand that allows rotation up to 180 degrees.

The portable projector uses auto keystone and leveling functions. This is to allow the screen to be adapted to the selected surface without user intervention. Add to this the auto-focus function, a double passive radiator, which is supposed to generate “clean, deep bass without distortions”, even distribution of sound in 360 degrees and there are many indications that we have a party hit.

Samsung has also prepared something for lovers of personalization. Freestyle will be available in several color variants, and if someone wants, they can buy a tasteful case with a handle that will make it easier to carry the projector.

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Freestyle can be connected to portable batteries, it can also be powered with a power bank, and if someone needs it, there is also an option to use “standard E2 lighting socket without the need for additional wiring”.

The “on board” projector could not miss the Samsung Smart TV, so access to Netflix, HBO Go or Spotify, everything is to be compatible with smartphones with Android and iOS.

Everything sounds very promising, but any evaluation will have to wait until the first tests. In the US, pre-orders can be placed from January 4. You have to pay $ 899 for the device. The rest of the world has to wait several months for its turn. The Polish price is not known yet.

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