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he International Consumer Electronics Show For nearly six decades, this event has showcased some of the world’s most important technological innovations. Innovations are released every year in more than 40 categories, from robotics and sustainability to entertainment and smart homes. As a prelude to its participation in this CES, the Korean company Samsung presented for the first time the products that it hopes to stand out in 2024 in the field of screen and sound. El Comercio attended the “First Look” event held at the iconic Caesars Palace Hotel in Las Vegas, and we can conclude that the future is not only promising, but it looks and sounds great.

The company’s premise is to provide users with an immersive, immersive experience. That’s why when we arrive at the event room, we are greeted by characters who have accompanied us at home in certain entertainment events: characters from movies, series, news and even athletes. Everyone seems to be escaping from their screens, which is to illustrate what we’ll see at launch: a greater sense of reality in your home when you turn on your screen or audio device.

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President Samsung ElectronicsSW Yong, along with other senior executives from the company such as James Fishler, head of home entertainment; Lydia Cho, head of television product management; and David Phelps, head of visualization; they are responsible for announcing innovations for 2024. There are two products that are undoubtedly the big stars: the transparent MicroLED screen technology that makes you feel like you are looking at the real thing through a window instead of a screen; The Music Frame is a speaker that can easily blend into different spaces because It looks more like a piece of art than a speaker.

Transparent screens, a trend in 2024

“Yes, it may look like a piece of glass, but it’s actually a screen made of microLED, very small chips. No one offers this technology except Samsung.” James Fishler shows off a transparent MicroLED screen said the prototype.

SW Yong on Samsung Electronics’ “First Look.”

Although transparent screen technology has been around for some time, the progress it has shown Samsung It stands out and takes the game a few steps forward. “This is the most advanced display technology ever created,” Fischerer emphasized in his speech. At the “First Look” show, where the transparent MicroLED booth has been packed with journalists from around the world, Samsung showed off not one, but three screens with possible designs. We’ll focus on two of them: one that looks like regular glass and the other with a frameless design that produces a truly immersive visual effect, as if it were a hologram with very high-quality clarity.

Even though, as we said, it’s just a prototype at the moment, there are a lot of possibilities with this technology. For example, in the demo, an American football game was projected.Transparent screen placed on stand Samsung It feels like you’re in a stadium, looking out through a box window. Many people want to experience a way to exercise at home. “This is a screen that blends into your space. Perfect for your home, office, or anywhere,” James Fishler said of possible applications.

Samsung’s transparent screen is one of the most eye-catching innovations of 2024.

This possibility of combining camouflage technology with different spaces, and especially one that goes hand in hand with the user’s lifestyle, is Samsung One product line that has already been explored with very good results: The Frame, to which they will add a very attractive audio product line in 2024. Musical frame. This is a speaker that looks like a work of art.

art at home

The Music Frame is a speaker that, when placed in your home, acts as a painting, photo frame or poster of your favorite artist. It can be customized to carry the image the user wants, and its finish is so detailed that it doesn’t look like an audio device. Plus, its power cord is thin enough to be wall-mounted and perfectly camouflaged. The sound quality it provides is very high and one can integrate 2 frames and connect them to a Samsung TV for surround sound and have a home theater at home that looks like a set.

The music frame looks like a painting, but it’s a speaker.

Currently, the product doesn’t have a release date or a confirmed price, although there’s a similar product on the market for anyone looking to assess its value: the symfonisk photo frame from IKEA and Sonos, which sells for $259.99 in the United States.

lifestyle series Samsung There are currently The Serif, The Terrace and The Frame, the latter of which does very well, in addition to its innovations in audio, it also has the option of an Art Store, which allows users to buy the most famous paintings in the art world. They can be found in homes around the world (like the Prado Museum). The matte color offered by The Frame screen is so perfect that it is indistinguishable from the screen. In addition to being beautiful, this technology also allows you to reduce energy costs by up to 10% when the screen is in “art mode.”

Right now

Maximum customization

During the event, Samsung also showed off a preview of its Tizen 2024 operating system, which prioritizes content and personalization for its NEO QLED 8K display range. All TVs purchased in the past five years will receive updates to the software, which provides content suggestions based on what the user sees. In addition, Samsung TV Plus is currently available in 24 countries, and the alternative provides free access to 2,500 global channels (25 of which are dedicated to children) as well as an “on-demand” content library of movies and series. Currently, Brazil is the only country in Latin America with this option.

The core of technology

We spoke with Celso Barros, director of visual displays for Latin America at Samsung Electronics after introducing the 2024 innovations, and for him the big star of the launch is the NQ8 AI Gen3, the company’s latest TV processor and one that makes many The performance of advertised products is impressive.

New processors make Samsung innovation a reality.

The executive emphasized: “Our most important launch is the third-generation NQ8 AI processor because it can do everything our TVs need, from image scaling, sound improvements and energy consumption optimization.” For example, this processor It’s possible – Adjust the resolution of your content so that it displays in ultra-high quality.

For example, in his lecture, James Fishler Samsung, said he’s a fan of movie classics, but that eighties movies like “The Breakfast Club” or “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” don’t look good on today’s TVs, or they come out as uncomfortable The new processor also provides motion detection technology, which can take the part of the scene that the human eye naturally focuses on and place it in the foreground, resulting in a more realistic image. Other interesting options include Q-Symphony 2024, which seamlessly synchronizes audio from wireless speakers and soundbars; and Active Voice Amplifier Pro, which separates speech from mixed audio to avoid indistinguishable dialogue when watching a movie or series Uncomfortable moments.

The future of television

Although the product list displayed Samsung 2024 is a long time and many of them have one thing in common, which is to offer possibilities for different users and to provide improvements that make the technologies already developed by the company even more efficient.

This is the case with OLED TVs, which now have the option to eliminate brightness which we were able to test. It is often uncomfortable to see the reflection of light coming through a window or even a white pole or cell phone when you are watching TV. The new OLED Glare Free technology achieves such improvements that even when the screen is exposed to bright light, there are very few reflections, providing a pleasant viewing experience even during the day.

Another product testing this space is the Freestyle projector, which is currently available on the Peruvian market but which, within the framework of CES 2024, presented its second generation with a new feature: Intelligent Edge Fusion, which allows two The device’s projection creates images on a large screen and is 100% portable.

8K resolution wireless projector.

But speaking of projectors, the star of the event is 8K Wireless, the industry’s first 8K wireless projector that will be ideal for sports enthusiasts and even esports enthusiasts. Since we’re talking about esports, gamers are also the target audience for several new alternatives, such as the new Odyssey Oled model, which features a better screen curvature for an immersive gaming experience, as well as allowing for multitasking Function options. But the company’s most notable development is the development of a 2D/3D gaming monitor that will allow access to 3D and virtual reality content without the need for a wearable device.

But this is just the first glimpse of what will be presented within the framework of CES 2024. This year’s event will focus on artificial intelligence and will test everything that imagination can reach.

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