Cetes: So you can get 8,000 pesos in 4 months

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According to many expertspersonal finance he saveIn any form, it is your best ally when you are trying to achieve some life goals like traveling, buying a car or a house, paying for school fees, or even retiring, working and living a comfortable life with a decent pension. The last period of our lives.

There is a way to do this save This is a free platform internet so that anyone can invest in government securities without the intermediary of a bank, brokerage firm or other institution, i.e. through Invest and save as. .and be known direct setters One can obtain titles and interest rates issued by Mexican banks without paying any kind of commission.

If you are interested, you know how to participate in this form of Savings and investments And be able to save up to 8,000 pesos in just 4 months.You are interested in the following information, we will share all the details about this form save By the end of 2024, you can receive up to 8,000 pesos.

So you can get 8,000 pesos in 4 months with Cetes direct

If you want to start investing money pass direct You should know that the same platform provides you with a simulated emulator save All interested parties frequently pass save pass direct can calculate how much they will receive total savings and how long they should last saveThe amount to be charged based on your goals save.

If you are interested in saving 8,000 pesos in 4 months direct setters You must first go to Recurring Savings Simulatorand within the platform point directly, Once you get here you have to go to the option Seth Challenge There you can find options to save up to 8,000 pesos in 4 months.

According to the same platform, this is called Biweekly Batch setters direct guarantee you save Finally completed within the established period of 8,000 pesos, the challenge duration is 4 months and 2 days, the deadline is June 3, 2024, and the first fee of 888 pesos will begin on February 1, 2024.

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