Cezary Kulesza points to the defeat of Hungary. “It didn’t work out” Polish national team

Before the start of the game with Hungary, the white and red players did not even need a victory to win a seeding in the play-off phase of the play-offs. The situation could only get complicated in the event of failure. This is exactly what happened – the Hungarians won 2-1, and the results of other matches were unfavorable for the Poles, making the first match in the play-offs away.

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Sousa pointed out his dream rivals in the World Cup play-offs. Sousa pointed out his dream rivals in the World Cup play-offs. “They live fantastically with the ball”

Cezary Kulesza on the match against Hungary: There were more risky decisions

After the meeting, Paulo Sousa and Robert Lewandowski poured a wave of criticism. The selector began to be pointed out to unnecessarily experimenting with the squad in the face of an important qualifying match, while the captain of the Polish team lacks a position regarding his absence from this match.

PZPN President Cezary Kulesza in an interview for “Super Express” referred to the changes in the composition. – The decision about the line-up is always made by the coach. Of course, after conversations with the players, but the last word belongs to him – he is the helmsman of this ship. And there were more risky personnel decisions, not only that Robert would not play, but also saving Kamil Glik or not showing Piotr Zieliński from the first minute – he said.

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Kulesza on Sousa’s decisions: This is his role

Kulesza also decided to refer to the course of the match itself. – The Polish national team lost. We win and we lose together. The coach before this match took a lot of risk, he wanted to try other personnel solutions – he had the right to do so, but it did not work out. Our poor attitude on the pitch was a gift for the Hungarians, who ruthlessly used it – he added.

In the end, Kulesza admitted that Paulo Sousa was responsible for the failure. – Of course, I keep in touch with the staff of the team, but I do not interfere with the personal policy of the coach. It would be ridiculous. Anyway, this is what I said to Paulo Sousa during our first meeting – that he will not receive a squad sheet or a list of players from me. This is his role. The trainer has full decision-making and thus bears full responsibility for the results, he concluded.

Robert Lewandowski“Lewandowski is a nightmare”. Two countries do not want to hit Poland in the play-offs to the World Cup

The draw-offs for the World Cup qualifiers in Qatar are scheduled to be drawn on Friday, November 26. The Polish national team will go to one of the seeded teams. This group includes Portugal, Sweden, Italy, Scotland, Russia and Wales.

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