CF – From the demolition to the start of the works: all the dates and stages of the new San Siro

The timing for the construction of the new San Siro. He reveals to you Calcio e Finanza after having viewed the official documents

The timing for the construction of the new San Siro (here all the details on the expected revenues). Football and Finance was able to view the official documents and “for the realization of all the works, a timeframe of approximately 80 months (2403 consecutive calendar days) has been estimated. The starting date of the works was assumed to be January 1, 2024, so as to guarantee the opening to traffic of the Patroclus underpass for the 2026 Winter Olympics, freeing the local surface roads from traffic flow “it is read.

Two phases are foreseen: Phase 1 “involves the construction of the new Stadium in the area located west of the Patocross underpass” in addition to the “tertiary buildings, located north of the intervention area” and the Congress Center. With the opening of the new Stadium, it will be possible to start the construction sites of Phase 2 of the intervention, which provides for the complete demolition of the Half Stadium, the subsequent construction of the underground car parks serving the Multipurpose Section. In this phase, the buildings constituting the remaining complementary functions to the new Stadium will be completed, namely the Shopping Center, the Sports Activities Center, the Entertainment and the Sports Museum. Lastly, Phase 2 sees the construction of the above-ground works, that is the squares, the pedestrian paths, the equipped green areas and the furnishings that will make up the New Sports District “.

Start of works: January 1, 2024;

Soil and subsoil environmental activities and rubble disposal: from 21 January 2024 to 7 August 2028 (1660 days);

Phase 1: from January 1, 2024 to November 18, 2027 (1417 days);

Phase 2: from 13 September 2027 to 31 July 2030 (1053 days);

End of works: 31 July 2030 (a total of 2403 days from 1 January 2024).


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