Chadwick Boseman will be remembered. Creators of Avengers: Endgame and Robert Downey Jr. on the death of the actor

Death Chadwick Boseman it was a shock for the fans and the film world, because the actor hid his health problems from the public for four years. Fighting the disease between operations and chemotherapy, he played in subsequent films, giving many viewers important and memorable roles. However, everyone knows him as the Black Panther.

The Russo brothers were the directors who hired him and introduced him to the world in the film Captain America: Heroes’ Warand then collaborated with him on films Avengers: Infinity War, Avengers: Game over and 21 bridges. In an interview with Deadline, they commented on the death of the actor:

– It’s hard to accept. Chadwick was an extremely elegant and caring man who expressed dignity and integrity in a way that few could. An extraordinary talent that inspired a generation to feel like kings. He understood something special and noble about life and was determined to use his talents to make it meaningful. He could still give the world so much … – wrote the Russo brothers.

He published his words too Robert Downey Jr., i.e. Iron Man:

– Mr. Boseman equaled the chances when he fought for his life. This is heroism. I will remember the good times, laughter and everything he did to change the world – recalls the actor.

He also published his post James Gunn, director Guardians of the Galaxy. He admits that it is difficult for him to understand what happened, because not only is he shocked that Chadwick Boseman died, but also that he was sick all the time, as he knew him, which he did not know. Gunn was browsing Twitter today and was amazed to discover how much charity Boseman had supported for the rest of his life.

President Barack Obama also mentions Chadwick Boseman.

Twitter announced on its official account that Chadwick Boseman’s news post has become the most liked post in history. To date, the post has been liked 6.5 million times and retweeted 2.1 million times. Of course, “liking” on social media does not mean that someone happens to like the news of death. This serves to give coverage to the post.

Few people knew that Chadwick Boseman comforted children with cancer. St. Jude from Memphis, paying tribute to the actor, published photos from years ago.

There are also fan tributes:

We wrote more about the tributes published in social media in this news.


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