Chandler Riggs appeared in the finale, did you notice?

The actor, who played Carl Grimes in the past, is hidden in one of the last scenes of the series.

In the episode that concluded last Sunday The Walking Dead after 11 seasons everyone has seen and heard, even characters we thought we would never see again in the successful post-apocalyptic series. Remembering that, if you haven’t seen the ending yet (in Italy available for streaming on Disney+), the following could ruin the fun for you, we have already talked about thevery last sequence with Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira again as Rick Grimes and Michonne; a bridge with their sequel miniseries to be released in 2023. Also, during that same sequence, the voices of the other beloved former cast members were heard Steven Yeun, Laurie Holden, Michael Cudlitz And Sonequa Martin Green join their mantra “We are the ones who live”. While another moment you may not have noticed involved Chandler Riggsportraying the late Carl Grimes, Rick’s eldest son, until season eight.

The Walking Dead: Chandler Riggs appeared in the finale

The last scene at the Hilltop featured Maggie (Lauren Cohan) tell Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Carol (Melissa McBride): “I’m talking about the future. There’s a lot to discover out there. And I think it’s time to do it.” The clear reference is to the other two spin-offs that will involve the three characters – Daryl Dixon And The Walking Dead: Dead City, set in Paris and Manhattan respectively. However, the three aren’t the only ones to appear on screen at that key moment. As revealed by Cohan a Entertainment Weekly“Chandler was in the scene at the Hilltop. He was in the background, playing a farmer.”

The Walking Dead

The Return of Chandler Riggs: How Did It Happen?

How this happened was explained by the showrunner Angela Kang: “Chandler Riggs was in town and just asked to come say hello to friends. I had a blast being with him on set, and it was really nice to see him. At one point, we were shooting these scenes and we needed to some extras, like that [il regista e produttore esecutivo] Greg [Nicotero] he said, ‘Well, do you want to try? Go there! Get behind you.'” Nicotero recalled, “That was our last day of shooting. It wasn’t planned. I don’t even think we dressed it up. I think he was just wearing what he was wearing when he came on set. I think we gave him a hat to disguise it a bit.” And that’s how it went for him, as the photo above demonstrates.

“It was great,” Riggs commented. “They try to hide it in the scene, but I kept trying to move my head to get the audience’s attention, to allow them to say ‘Hey, there’s Chandler over there!’. Which I don’t think anyone wanted me to do, but I thought it was fun, so I kept trying to do it.”

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