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It is difficult to understand if the decision had already been made or if it was born after the clashes with the subsidiary ProsiebenSatwhich he continues to consider Mediaset, despite the strong weight of its 25% in what is essentially a public company, a shareholder like any other. The fact is that the Biscione has chosen to place itself in Germany on a permanent basis. The group led by Pier Silvio Berlusconi yesterday announced the opening of an operational office in Munich, which will be led by Katharina Behrends, appointed general manager for the entire German-speaking European area (Germany, Austria and Switzerland).

Final decision, it seems that he is behind it.  Pier Silvio, tam tam from Mediaset: distorted schedule.  Rai asphalted?

The move certainly represents a way to pull the reins a bit for Prosieben, who at the meeting last May refused to accept MediaforEurope’s suggestions on governance, leading the Biscione to vote against the approval of the acts of the supervisory board. .
On that occasion, the Cologno Monzese group said it was “not satisfied” with the management of corporate governance by the supervisory board, which “has started a succession process that does not respect the minimum international standards of transparency”. Tensions exacerbated by the words of CEO Rainer Beaujean, who a few days before the meeting had declared in an interview in 1A that he did not need industrial partners: “I don’t see synergies, we create value by ourselves”. Obviously, the CFO of Mediaset, Marco Giordani, did not want to add fuel to the fire. In illustrating the novelty, he focused on the project, explaining that Behrends will have “a fundamental role in the creation of a pan-European media group”.

Piersilvio puts a patch on the errors of Mediaset executives: there was no information space in the morning.  Here is who was chosen

Our goal, he continued, “is to affirm and further expand Mfe as one of the main European media players, an international hub that guarantees in all areas where it operates significant investments in local content, inclusion and cultural diversity, as well as absolute independence. editorial as the case of Mediaset España has shown for over 30 years ». Behrends has held leadership positions at NBC Universal Networks for the past 15 years. As Managing Director, she has successfully built and led the business in the DACH region, Eastern Europe and Benelux where she was responsible for TV productions, pay TV offering and streaming. “You are an expert on new digital business models and have played a key role in the success of Pay TV in the German-speaking region and other parts of Europe,” she reads in a note from Mfe. «My commitment will be total to strengthen Mfe’s presence in the German-speaking region through constructive dialogue with partners and all interested parties. Together we will create the European response to international competition in the media sector, ”commented Behrends.

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