Change of gas supplier. In this way, you can escape the high price?

Pursuant to the applicable law, the sale of gas to households is subject to tariffing by the end of 2023. Individual customers connected to the national gas network of high-methane gas may change their supplier, but all household gas sellers must have a tariff approved by the regulator. The individual offer is limited upfront by the tariff. The ability to switch suppliers depends on the location and availability of the offer within the distribution network to which they are connected.

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Changing the gas supplier – will it affect the prices?

The operator of the largest gas distribution network – Polska Spółka Gazownictwa – has contracts for the provision of gas fuel distribution services with 66 suppliers. An individual customer connected to the PSG network under the supplier switching procedure concludes an appropriate contract with the new supplier and submits an appropriate application to the distributor.


If the new seller is positively verified by the distribution network operator, in accordance with the law, the entire change lasts up to 21 days, with the time counting from the moment of correct submission of all documents by the recipient. As reminded by the Energy Regulatory Office, the length of the supplier switching procedure depends primarily on the provisions of the contract, in particular the notice period contained in the contract.

According to the latest data of the ERO, from 2007 to the end of September 2021, almost 268,000 customers in four tariff groups for households changed their gas supplier.


Households clustered within, for example, a community or cooperative, if they do not have individual meters, are accounted for by the owner or manager on the basis of a common one. Pursuant to the position of the Energy Regulatory Office (URE), the prices from the tariffs approved by the regulator should apply to the settlements of individual apartments.

In the case of the largest gas retailer, PGNiG Obrót Detaliczny, the manager may submit a declaration in which it indicates which part of the purchased gas is delivered to households and is subject to tariff prices. PGNiG OD points out that in recent years it was possible to obtain more favorable prices than tariffed ones in business offers and there were cases of cooperatives or communities requesting such valuations and declaring gas consumption for other needs. The declarations of government representatives show that the plan provides for a statutory modification of this procedure, so that the managers declare consumption in commercial premises, and the rest of the gas is subject to tariffication.

A certain exception in the area of ​​switching supplier are distribution networks not connected to other gas networks, the operators of which are vertically integrated enterprises dealing not only with distribution but also sale of gas. As a rule, such an enterprise, by decision of the President of ERO, should make its network available to other sellers in accordance with the principle of third party access (TPA). The Sejm has already received a bill providing for the reduction of the procedure time in the event that such an enterprise challenges the decision to make the network available to other sellers.


Change of electricity provider

The situation is different in the case of purchase of electricity by households. They can use four tariffs approved by the regulator, the so-called ex officio sellers. However, they can take advantage of the market offers of the same four or other sellers. Household consumers are approximately 15.5 million. The latest data from the ERO shows that more than 37 percent of the free-market offers, i.e. those that are not subject to approval by the President of the ERO, already use it. of them.

The Energy Regulatory Office would like to remind you that, from mid-2021, electricity and gas sellers are not allowed to conclude contracts with household consumers outside the company’s premises. However, it is possible to conclude such a contract at a distance, e.g. by phone or at a seller’s point, e.g. in a shopping mall. According to the law, in the case of concluding a distance contract, the future seller should inform in writing about the right to withdraw from the contract and provide a model of this statement. You can withdraw from a distance contract within 14 days of its conclusion without giving reasons and without incurring any costs on this account.




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