Change the podium: Nope is first, followed by Howl’s Moving Castle

Friday 12 August 2022 – Box Office

Nope clearly wins yesterday with 72 thousand euros and a total of 124 thousand euros in two days of programming. Great second place for Howl’s Moving Castle, which collects 37 thousand euros and confirms the success of the reissues of the classics by Hayao Miyazaki. Complete the podium Thor: Love & Thunderwhich collects 34 thousand euros and exceeds 10 million in total.

Still brilliant too Top Gun – Maverickwith 24 thousand euros and almost 12 million euros, a figure that will be reached over the weekend. Elvis holds up with 17 thousand euros and 2.8 million, Jurassic World – The domain gets another 10 thousand euros and reaches 7.9 million, The portrait of the duke collects 5 thousand euros and rises to 896 thousand, Nostalgia gets 4 thousand euros and rises to 1.4 million, they close Ennio with 4 thousand euros and 2.7 million e The Twin – The other face of evilwhich gets 3 thousand euros and 232 thousand euros in total.

Lots of indie films arriving this week in the States, along with foreign productions, all ready to take advantage of the absence of new major titles, for a weekend that promises to be uninteresting, in terms of revenues. It starts with a musical, Carrie and Jess Save the Universe!there is the action thriller WifeLike with Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, now subscribed to productions of this genre, the thriller Emily the Criminal with Aubrey Plaza and Rogue Agentwith James Norton and Gemma Arterton and the drama Summeringwhich premiered at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival.

Among the foreign proposals are the Spanish horror Veneciafreniathe Korean Emergency Declaration (which at home is doing pretty well), the Finnish Tytöt tytöt tytötthe international co-production but flying the Bolivian flag El Gran Movimiento and the animated Japanese Inu-Oh. To close, the documentaries Free Chol Soo Lee, Bloom Up: A Swinger Couple Story And Free Puppies!

Box Office Italia of Thursday 11 August 2022
1. Nope: Euro 72,491
2. Howl’s Moving Castle: Euro 37,759
3. Thor: Love and Thunder: Euro 34,261
4. Top Gun – Maverick: Euro 24,884
5. Elvis: Euro 17,367
6. Jurassic World – The Dominion: Euro 10.507
7. The portrait of the duke: Euro 5,317
8. Nostalgia: Euro 4,885
9. Ennio: Euro 4.431
10. The Twin – The other face of evil: Euro 3.638

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