Changes for pensioners from 2022 It is more difficult to calculate the old-age pension from ZUS

Currently, about 500,000 seniors earn extra money for benefits. Thanks to this, they can apply to ZUS for their conversion. This is especially beneficial for people who have a pension calculated according to the old rules (these are people born before December 31, 1948). Why? In fact, ZUS is calculating the old age pension anew, taking into account the higher base amount.

From 2022, however, this possibility will disappear, only new contributions will be added when converting benefits (the base amount will not change). This will make the conversion less profitable than it is today. Therefore, it is worth hurrying with such a request and submit it later this year. Then ZUS will have to recalculate the benefit of the earning extra senior citizen on the current, i.e. more favorable, terms.

Recalculation of pensions. The door handle had fallen. What’s changing?

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