Changes in the Pieniny Policy Council. The Senate will elect its representatives

Kotecki’s candidacy was supported by 51 senators, 41 were against, and 5 abstained. 59 senators voted for Przemysław Litwiniuk, 3 were against, and 36 abstained.

On January 25, the six-year term of office of two MPC members appointed by the Senate of the previous term ends – Eugeniusz Gatnar and Jerzy Kropiwnicki. The term of office of the third member of the Council appointed by the Senate – Rafał Sura – ends on November 16, 2022. However, he was recommended to take the position of a judge at the Supreme Administrative Court.

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Przemysław Litwiniuk is an assistant professor at the Institute of Economics and Finance at the Department of Finance of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences and a councilor of the Lublin voivodeship regional council. He is a graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics and the University of Warsaw, he obtained his doctorate at the University of Warsaw, and received his postdoctoral degree at the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznań.

Ludwik Kotecki is a former employee of the Ministry of Finance (1996-2015), where, inter alia, he was the head of the Analyzes Department or deputy finance minister. Kotecki was also a member of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority. In 2015-2016, he worked at the International Monetary Fund. Since 2019, he has been an advisor to the Marshal of the Senate for economic matters.

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The Monetary Policy Council will undergo a personal revolution in 2022

Members of the Monetary Policy Council are appointed for one, six-year term of office. In the MPC, three of their “representatives” (persons appointed by a given body) have the Sejm, the Senate and the President, the Council is supplemented by the NBP president.

In 2022, the terms of most of the members of this body will end.

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In February, Grażyna Ancyparowicz and Eryk Łon (appointed by the Sejm) as well as Kamil Zubelewicz and Łukasz Hardt (appointed by the President) will say goodbye to the MPC, and in March the third of the “parliamentary” members of the MPC – Jerzy Żyżyński. In June, the term of the NBP president, Adam Glapiski, ends, although he may (and according to the latest information – wants to) apply again for the position of the head of the Polish central bank. If that had happened, of course he would still be a member of the Monetary Policy Council.

The next meeting of the Monetary Policy Council is to be held on February 8.

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