Changes on Allegro. It will sell insurance

2022-01-05 11:10

2022-01-05 11:10

Allegro will sell insurance
Allegro will sell insurance
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Allegro starts the new year with changes. Among the novelties, incl. the possibility of purchasing insurance via the website, a lower value of the minimum order in Smart Allegro and the elimination of the age limit for Allegro Pay.

Everything seems to be coming soon you will be able to buy insurance on Allegro. The company announces the new option in a press release concerning, inter alia, updating the privacy policy: “You will soon buy insurance on Allegro. Therefore, we have added information on the processing of personal data in connection with this service.”

Another change concerns Allegro Smart. The company decided to permanently reduce the value of the order, for which you can benefit from free delivery via courier. The minimum value of the basket from one seller is PLN 40. A few months earlier, Allegro introduced this option as part of the promotion – previously, free courier delivery was carried out for orders over PLN 80.

This is not the end of the changes that came into force in the new year on the sales platform. The company has removed the age restriction in Allegro Pay. From January 4, the service can be used by people over 75 years of age. The settlement of overpayments has also been clarified. “First, we will transfer the overpaid amount to any overdue payments under other Allegro Pay contracts. If you do not have any outstanding payments, we will return the overpayment to your account” – Allegro says in a press release.



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