Changing the form of taxation. You have to decide by February 20

The question of whether it is worth changing the form of taxation and in what cases it really makes sense is now being asked by many business owners, especially those who run a sole proprietorship. The decision is not the easiest one, especially since tax advisors and accountants themselves do not fully know what the reality will look like after the introduction of the Polish Deal. Entrepreneurs, however, do not have much time to make a decision, and they cannot introduce changes after testing new solutions, they are obliged to declare a specific form of taxation only until February 20, 2022.

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Health premium – the biggest disadvantage of the Polish Order

Among the biggest disadvantages of the Polish Deal for entrepreneurs, experts point to changes in the method of calculating health insurance contributions, which may additionally complicate the tax system. At the same time, the health insurance premium has become one of the main factors determining the method of settlement.

What will it look like under the new rules? The health insurance contribution for December is still paid under the old rules, and many entrepreneurs paid it before the end of the year in order to take advantage of the possibility of tax deduction, which the Polish Order is liquidating. The same rules will apply in January (except for lump sums and tax cards), but its amount will change. The basis for the assessment will be the amount corresponding to 75 percent. the average monthly salary in the fourth quarter of 2021. Its amount is to be known only around January 20.

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