Channels from MUX 8 will go to MUX 5 or MUX 6?

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End of digital terrestrial television in the VHF band?

KRRiT informs that due to the development of digital radio and television in Poland, on November 25 this year. adopted a position on the change of frequency allocation in the 174-230 MHz band.

During the Regional Radiocommunication Conference in Geneva in 2006, Poland, as one of the few European countries, decided to use the VHF band for both radio and digital terrestrial television. As a result, in GE06 digital plan there are frequency resources for three national DAB + coverage (multiplexes) and one for DVB-T. In 2016, the National Broadcasting Council decided to use some of the resources from Plan GE06 and to launch a terrestrial television multiplex – the so-called MUX 8, intended to increase the programming offer of public and licensed television.

The following channels are currently available in MUX 8: Nowa TV, Zoom TV, Metro, Telewizja WP, TVP Woman and TVP Kultura HD. In addition, there are HbbTV channels: TVP ABC 2, TVP Kultura 2 and TVP Historia 2 (to receive them, you must have an Internet connection and a receiver that supports HbbTV). One half of the MUX 8 capacity is taken up by TVP channels, and the other half by commercial broadcasters.

Decision to change the digital terrestrial television broadcasting standard in Poland from DVB-T to DVB-T2 / HEVC made it possible to plan two additional nationwide TV multiplexes in the UHF band (470 – 694 MHz) – MUX 5 and MUX 6. According to the National Broadcasting Council, this creates an opportunity to transfer TV programs broadcast in MUX 8 to new multiplexes, convert them from SD to HD resolution and release this part of the VHF band for DAB +.

As a result of this conversion, the VHF band would be dedicated to digital terrestrial broadcasting only, and the UHF band would be dedicated to digital terrestrial television.

– In Poland, as in other countries, the basic assumption of analog-to-digital conversion is to provide all analog broadcasters, regardless of their current range, the possibility of appearing in the digital space. This will allow them to implement their development plans related to the modernization of the technology, and will also guarantee certainty of functioning in the future: e.g. after switching off analogue emission – we read in the KRRiT position.

Will there be new DAB + multiplexes?

As the National Council informs, the analyzes carried out in 2015-2016 included in the “Green Book of Radio Digitization in Poland” and in the “Assessment of the possibility of converting radio stations in Poland on the basis of available frequency resources” prepared by KRRIT in 2020 showed that frequency resources in the VHF band (174-230 MHz) are insufficient (especially for the conversion of local stations and the so-called mini-networks), despite being supplemented by the President of UKE, at the request of the National Broadcasting Council, with the frequency management plan with 35 additional low power frequencies with local coverage. – Extremely limited and concerning small regions of the country, it is also possible to enrich the programming offer with new digital programs – the National Broadcasting Council alerts.

– The resignation from broadcasting television programs in the VHF band and the release of TV channels No. 6, 7, 8, 9 and 12 means obtaining 20 DAB + frequency blocksthat can be used for construction new nationwide multiplexes, optimization of the network of existing multiplexes in terms of more effective use of frequencies and for the needs of a new local offer – we read in the KRRiT position.

The National Broadcasting Council intends to request the President of the Office of Electronic Communications to consider the possibility of changing the frequency management plan in the 174-230 MHz band, allowing the allocation of the entire band to the needs of DAB + digital radio broadcasting.

Redundant antenna?

It should be added that as a result of launching MUX 8, many Poles decided to purchase an additional one VHF antennasnext to the UHF antenna you already have, or a broadband antenna. In the face of the dismantling of MUX 8, such a separate antenna for the VHF band would turn out to be redundant, unless it would be used for DAB +. However, in this case, a suitable DAB + radio with an antenna socket would be required.

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