The Health Cards (TS-CNS) issued by the Ministry of Economy and Finance, which are arriving in recent weeks, could be distributed in a new version without microchips, given the international scarcity of the materials necessary for the production of the latter.

The new Health Cards without microchips will have the value of Tax Code and European Health Assistance Card (EHIC) but not the functions of the National Service Card (online identification and authentication and advanced electronic signature in relations with Public Administrations).

If you want to continue to use the old CNS to access public administration services, KEEP IT, but remember that before the expiration date, you must extend the duration of the authentication certificate until 31 December 2023 through a software that will be published on the Tessera System portal. Healthcare managed by the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

To extend the validity of the previous CNS-HEALTH CARD it is essential to be in possession of the PIN code. We therefore invite citizens NOT TO THROW THE OLD HEALTH CARD, even if it has an expired date, as its validity has been extended.

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