Charles, Oliver and Mabel are in trouble in the second season photos

The mystery comedy with Steve Martin, Martin Short and Selena Gomez will return with the new episodes streaming on Disney + from June 28th.

As did the protagonists of Only Murders in the Building Charles, Oliver and Mabel to end up behind bars? The mystery deepens in new photos of the second season which will also arrive in Italy, simultaneously with the American Hulu, on Disney + from the next June 28. Watch them below while waiting for the new episodes of the mystery comedy, one of the most original series to arrive in streaming in the last year.

Only Murders in the Building 2: A new mystery

In the first season, Only Murders in the Building followed true crime podcast fans Charles, Oliver and Mabel (Steve Martin, Martin Short And Selena Gomez) investigate a mysterious murder that took place in their mansion, an elegant building on the Upper West Side. But just when they thought they had solved the case, they found themselves embroiled in a new crime: Arconia council president Bunny Fogler stabbed to death with Mabel’s knitting needle. And the three had been arrested. Is it all a misunderstanding or does it really have something to do with it?

OnlyMurders in the Building 2

OnlyMurders in the Building 2

OnlyMurders in the Building 2

In the second season Charles (Martin), Oliver (Short) and Mabel (Gomez) will try to unmask the new killer. But what if everyone thinks they are involved in this crime themselves? The trio, in fact, is publicly implicated in the murder of Bunny, is at the center of a rival podcast and also must face a group of New York neighbors who are convinced that they have committed the murder.

OnlyMurders in the Building 2

OnlyMurders in the Building 2

OnlyMurders in the Building 2

The cast: The new characters

In the second season we will meet new characters: Cara Delevingne (Carnival Row) will be Alice, a sophisticated art expert who will be Mabel’s new love interest. There will also be guest stars Shirley MacLaine And Amy Schumer (Life & Beth) respectively as a former tenant of the Arconia and mother of the deceased Bunny and an exaggerated version of herself who subleases Sting’s apartment; Michael Rapaport (Atypical) will be a detective while a Zoe Colletti (Fear the Walking Dead) it’s at Andrea Martin (Evil) were still entrusted with mysterious roles.

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