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Let’s start with one finding: Charlie Cox did not think about the acting before the age of majority. When she started doing it, however, she suffered decided that that would be his work and, parallel to the Educationhas been committed from the beginning in this sense by accepting even important engagements. Not easy, therefore, for a neophyte without techniquebut the signal – perhaps – that about him i directors they did well to invest.

He has since appeared in theaterin TVto the cinema come on Netflix always with the same credibilityuntil’exploit from Dare devil and the marriage with i Marvel Studios confirmed, in 2021with Spider-Man: No Way Home.

The life of Charlie Cox

Charlie Thomas Coxthe youngest of four siblings, was born the December 15, 1982 to London and grows inEast Essex. The mother is called Patriciawhile the father, Andrew Frederick Seaforthit’s a publisher. The other child born of the couple is Toby; Emma, Zoe And Oliverinstead, they belong to the first marriage from Andrew.

The Cox’s training path takes place in two schools (theAshdown House School and the Sherborne School) without ever considering attempting one career as an actor. The passion for the actingin fact, it only comes once after completing their studieswhen in the 2001 the artist returns to London to attend the Bristol Old Vic Theater School And graduate.

Since September 2018Charlie Cox is married to Samantha Thomasthe vice president from Bron TV known how much they both worked at Marvel Television. The two have had two sons and, currently, they live in Connecticut. Among his friendships narrower are numbered Robert Pattinson, Andrew Garfield, Eddie Redmayne And Jamie Dornanwith which he has lived at the beginning of his career.

the life of charlie cox

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The beginnings of Charlie Cox’s career

The first role of relief of Charlie Cox in the world of cinema it dates back to his own eighteen yearswhen he is signed for the thriller Dot the I with Gael García Bernal in the 2003. The following year she finds herself on the set of The merchant of Venice and, always on Lagoonalso reads in Casanova.

The work to which he owes his notorietyhowever, is from 2007: in that year, in fact, he joined the cast of Stardust to interpret Tristan Torn next to Sienna Miller, Peter O’Toole, Michelle Pfeiffer And Rupert Everett. The film, directed by Matthew Vaughnachieves great success and introduces Cox into the environments that matter, allowing him to get meaningful engagements during the following months.

The rise of Charlie Cox between television and cinema

After a brief appearance a theater for The Lover / The Collection staged at Comedy Theater from Londonin the 2008 Charlie Cox is in the movie Stone of Destiny from Ian Hamilton and, the following year, in the historical-dramatic film Glourious 39. The 2010 instead sees him engaged in TV taking on the role of Ishmael in the series entitled Moby Dick and directed by Mike Barker. A little later he is hired for Downton Abbeyanother television series in which he plays the character of Duke of Crowborough.

The 2011 it is an equally significant year in Cox’s career: the actor, in fact, participates in the second season of the series produced by Martin Scorsese for the HBO Boardwalk Empire – The Empire of Crime interpreting Owen Sleatera character later confirmed also for the third season.

Two years later, Charlie Cox appears in the independent film Hello Carter is in the thriller from the BBC theme Cold War Legacy. The 2013 it then closes with the filming of The theory of everything from James Marshappointed to the Oscar.

the rise of charlie cox between television and cinema

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Charlie Cox, Daredevil and the other works

All the appearances, particularly appreciated by the criticismthey bring Charlie Cox on Marvel Studios which, in 2015they choose him for the series Netflix Dare devil assigning him the character that gives the name to the entire television product: Matt Murdock / Daredevil.

Between the shootings of the seasons, Cox also made his debut at the Manhattan Theater Club from New York in Incognito and enter the cast of the thriller Stripped produced by Lorenzo di Bonaventurathe same manufacturer as Stardust.

In the 2018finally, he acts alongside characters such as Michael Caine, Jim Broadbent And Ray Winstone in King of Thieves under the direction, once again, of James Marsh.

The last labors of Charlie Cox

After the end of Dare devilCharlie Cox takes part in some shows theatrical such as Betrayal from Harold Pinter and his friends’ projects: Rebeca Schwab (with him in Dare devil) involves him in his short film The Knot; Deborah Ann Woll requires its presence in the show web Relics and Rarities.

In the 2021then, they are still i Marvel Studios to call him for the role of superhero in the movie Spider-Man: No Way Home in which Matt Murdock it helps Peter Parker against the enemy Mysterio. His latest project is there miniseries Treason waiting for the 2023 up Netflix.

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