Charlie Rodriguez defends veterans

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In the Mexican national team, the performances of experienced players are often criticized. However, Charlie Rodriguez emphasized his role within the team.

Charlie Rodriguez defends Tri veterans
© Etzel EspinosaCharlie Rodriguez defends Tri veterans

The Mexican national team has been filled with controversy in recent months, and the confirmation of Jaime Lozano’s continued role was no exception. The coach gained the respect of the majority of the public after winning the Gold Cup, but received a lot of criticism after announcing the first team list. Especially since names like Raul Jimenez and Hector Herrera have resurfaced.

And beyond the fact that both have shown a good level at their respective clubs, it is believed that they have already completed their cycle at El Tri. The intention is therefore that young footballers will have the opportunity to add playing time instead.. One of the players generating the most enthusiasm is Carlos Rodriguez, but he hasn’t really been involved in this issue.

Carlos Rodriguez emphasized the veteran’s role in El Tri

In reality, far from asking for more playing time, Charlie talked about the importance of having this type of player around him: “I think they’re older players, leaders and captains of the national team, and they’ve contributed a lot to us and helped us, obviously for our development. They’re here. They know how to deal with every situation that exists, so as long as they are important and show their value by being here, they are welcome.”

“It is very important for young people to come to the national team to continue to develop, come here and learn from the elders who have a lot to tell us and we also learn from them. My greatest wish is to come here and represent your country. I think the unity, the unity of this group that Jaime creates is very important for everyone, and I think we’ve seen that change since his arrival. ”midfielder Cruz Azul added.

Although it will be difficult for him to start, he is expected to play a few extra minutes in the friendly against Uzbekistan. Charlie has proven to be one of the best midfielders in Liga MX and is highly rated by Jimmy Lozano, but due to his tactical system, Rodriguez’s traits may become obsolete. is common.; but when he has to come off the bench, he always does well.

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