Charlie’s Angels, for Drew Barrymore the film was ‘a breath of fresh air’

Drew Barrymore has already had her say on the possibility of making a third chapter of Charlie’s Angels and now, interviewed by Gayle King on the Drew Barrymore Show, she added some more considerations on the film from the early 2000s.

The American actress, who bears a surname of a certain level for the film industry, owes the film Charlie’s Angels a good chunk of his notoriety. The film, released in theaters in 2000 and directed by her McG, allowed Barrymore to play alongside her friend Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu.

He explained to Gayle King how to play the very skilled Dylan Sanders it was fundamental not only for her, but also for the image of women in action films: ”Why do women always have to be so serious and somber in action movies?”, the actress rhetorically asked. The two films, with the three female detectives as protagonists, offered the image of a fierce femalebut always with a smile on his face, skillfully balanced action and self-irony.

From the two films, one from 2000 the other from 2003, a real friendship was born between the protagonists. It’s not about ”no Hollywood fairytale”, but of a real and lasting bond that appears to be a very rare thing for an environment like that of the cinema. A bond that has made it possible to make films now entered the common imagination and which have been impossible, until now, to overcome. In fact, we remember the flop of the reboot of Charlie’s Angels, released in 2019 and with Kristen Stewart as protagonist.

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