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According to the American press, Charlize Theron would have interrupted the single life thanks to the Canadian model Gabriel Aubry. A famous sentimental past as a bad boy… Here are the details. Photo Ansa/Getty

She was the first to say it: people find it hard to believe and understand it. “I’ve had a few dates, but I haven’t dated seriously in over five years.” It was 2020 when Charlize Theron she said these words in her friend’s television studio Drew Barrymore. It seems, however, that after the pandemic things are changing. Because according to Us Weekly, a new man has just entered the life of the Oscar-winning actress.

Who is Gabriel Aubry, the alleged new boyfriend of Charlize Theron

It’s about Gabriel Aubry. 45-year-old Canadian model with a famous sentimental past. Because he’s in a steady relationship with Halle Berry for many years. He is the father of the eldest daughter Nahla, who is 14 today. From one bad boy to another. Because if it is true that Theron’s last “official” boyfriend was Sean PennGabriel Aubry also has quite a reputation around Hollywood.

The quarrels, between the court and the hospital, with Halle Berry over her daughter Nahla

The split with Halle Berrry was not amicable at all. The two, who were together from 2005 to 2010, fought, and not a little, for the child’s custody. And for the amount of maintenance that the Oscar winner pays monthly to her ex for her daughter. But the situation escalated when the actress began a relationship with the French actor Olivier Martinez. Her husband from 2013 to 2016. And father of her second child, Maceo. Because Halle wanted to move to France and Aubry took her to court because she would never see her daughter again. We are in 2012 and the story is on the front pages of all the magazines.

Gabriel Aubry, Halle Berry

Gabriel Aubry and Halle Berry at the time of their relationship. Daughter Nahla was born on March 16, 2008. Photo Ap

After weeks of quarrels, the crime. Because the two men punched each other outside the diva’s house. Just as several paparazzi were stationed in front of the house. Martinez ended up in the hospital and Aubry received a restraining order not to go near the couple. A decade later, the situation has improved only slightly. Relations between Berry and Aubry are civil, but nothing more. And she publicly complained that she still had to pay Nahla’s father money every month.

The first time in 2017

Already in 2017 the names of Gabriel Aubry and Charlize Theron had been associated. Then the actress had stopped any gossip in the bud about her by claiming that the two knew each other because their daughters all went to the same school. Now, however, the two would have already gone out several times. “It’s a very casual situation. For now, they’re having fun,” a source told the American weekly.

What Charlize Theron thinks of romance

But Aubry is warned. Because Charlize has pretty clear ideas on the matter. “I’m at a time in my life where, if you want to be a part of it, you have to know that the stakes are high. You have to bring something better, because I won’t accept anything less,” said the 46-year-old mom of Jackson, 10 years, e August, 8. The explanation is very simple. “I can honestly say that I don’t feel alone. It’s not like having children replaces other aspects of my life. Or made me less interested in romance. But being a parent is a full-time job, so…”



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