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“But what did she do to her face?” »

At each of her appearances, Charlize Theron is more dazzling than ever. A few months ago, during the promotion of Fast & Furious X, she dazzled by showing off her dream figure in a transparent dress that revealed her underwear. Before turning heads in a cut-out dress with suggestive cutouts. At 48, the sculptural blonde is still breathtaking. Well, that’s not what some bad guys seem to think.

“I’m getting old, that’s all” : Charlize Theron without taboo on the subject of cosmetic surgery

Referring to the years that pass in an interview with pace published on August 18, Charlize Theron has responded in a blunt way to those who insinuate that she was disfigured by a failed facelift. “My face is changing. And I love that my face continues to change and age. But people think I had a facelift. They’re like, ‘What did she do to her face?’ », first details the mother of two children. The South African then swings: “Guys, I’m getting old, that’s all! That doesn’t mean I had a botched cosmetic surgery. It’s just the things of life”.

But while Charlize Theron is at peace with the way her face changes with age, there’s another aging process that bothers her. “ What really depresses me is that I’m doing action movies now. And if I hurt myself, I take much longer to heal than when I was in my twenties. It’s not so much the face but the body that I had at 25 that I would like to find, that I can swing it against a wall and not have pain the next day. NOW, if i don’t exercise for 3 days, when i go back to the gym i can’t walk », she admits. And to conclude with a laugh: “I can’t even sit on the toilet”.

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