Charlize Theron Oscar nominee for “Bombshell”


, or of a metamorphosis. Was not enough to fight for years against those responsible for casting and agents in Hollywood advised – firm – the role of the blonde explosive or, at best, that of the beautiful “svaporata”. The magnificent former model sensual and statuesque, instead, are always like only the characters are complicated and conflicting: to get to the part of serial killer Aileen Wuornos in the Monster had sgominato any opposition and had brought home an Oscar. Then she put on 20 pounds to star as the mother with post-natal depression in Tully, rapandosi then to zero for the character of Imperator Furiosa, the warrior with one arm only Mad Max: Fury Road. The critical for this have praised, the studios contended by this time the barrel of millions of dollars. To Theron, today quarantaquattrenne, but it was not enough.

From actress to producer, and activist

Star global is the desired switching to be a producer of success: with his company Denver and Dalilah Films produces film and television projects to support causes of women, and in recent years has placed greater emphasis on its role as a social activist. After you have founded the Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project, an organization that helps the fight against Aids in his Country, the south african actress was beaten in the first line with #MeToo, Time’s Up and the feminist movements. His last two films speak pretty clear: Long Shotthe light comedy and satire with Seth Rogen, is a candidate for the presidency of the United States and in Bombshell is Megyn Kelly, one of the journalists from tv (two other co-workers are interpreted by Nicole Kidman and Margot Robbie), in 2016 contributed significantly to the fall of Roger les ailesthe chairman and ceo of Fox News accused of sexual harassment. But its incarnations does not end here. One side continues to abbagliarci with the patina of divine, golden in the campaign of J’adore, Eau de Parfum by Dior (it is from 2011), and on the other, in the everyday, it adopts a minimalist look, short hair, makeup barely noticeable.

Serena with the adopted children

The interview comes in the trousers and shirt marinara, blue and white striped, loose, and relaxed, and responds without hesitation to the many questions, a free-wheel. Why Charlize Theron – one of the ten women “of the moment” in Hollywood, according to a recent article by Variety, the “Bible” of the show – is confident of his choices. And perfectly serene. “I’m living the best time of my life,” he says with a big smile, speaking of the two adoptive sons, Jackson and August, eight and four years. “I am simply happy”.

Bombshell fits in the debate on discrimination and sexual harassment. It’s really changed the public opinion over the last few years?
It is a topic that we women always talked about it. As for me, ever since I became aware of the fact of being a female! (laughs) Today, however, the conversation has accents that are different from those of ten years ago. I well remember that when we were filming North Country – Storia di Josey in 2005, that reported the first case of complaint of sexual harassment in the United States (represented the first judgment of the american legislation on sexual harassment in the work of the 1989, ed.) it was called a “costume movie”! Here’s how it was perceived by theme, such as something that happened in the past and no longer existed. Us, women, we all knew that was not true, but nobody believed to us. Now that many brave have stepped forward and denounced the abuses, thanks to movements such as Time’s Up and #MeToo, things are changing. And I am grateful to how many of you have stepped forward, helping to fuel a discussion that is leading to real changes.

A superwoman!

Is not ironic that they were the women of Fox News, a channel that is very conservative, to denounce this situation?
Just for this, it is a story that is important! If we overcome the political beliefs, the way in which we assess the reality and the world, and we go to the bone of the situation – what comes out? That in the end we are only the women who suffer abuses and injustices in the work and that we have the right to feel safe and protected. These stories can relate to my mother, my sister or my daughter, in any environment.

She has an exceptional career: actress, producer, is also the mother and activist. A sort of superwoman: it must not be easy to find a suitable partner, who does not feel afraid from so much talent!
(laughs) In most of my relationships with men have always been supercosciente of the fact that my desire to live to the fullest of my potential as was perceived by them in some way as a threat. When I was twenty years old I felt the need to modulate, to mould my temperament, depending on the relationship. I tried to make myself smaller, as if it were possible to make the relationship more meaningful. Over the years I have, however, realized that this was not working for me and now I don’t want to inibirmi or stop me, it does not lead to anything good. One day I will meet someone who will be thrilled at the idea of accepting what I can offer. Also, I’ve reached that age where I don’t feel any desire to “settle down”. My life is so beautiful, so full… they Are too happy to have around one then the failures of everything!

Charlize Theron the night in which he won the Oscar for Monster

Empty existential

No event organized by friends?
No, they are always open, listening, and I’d like to meet someone but are not willing to accept a compromise: after all, I am 40 years old! But I end up in trouble every time I talk about it, because I’m actually happy being single, and I do not feel I duty fill empty existential or affective. I am, however, open to some advice… (laughs)
At twenty years old, was already a model famous. I guess that has happened to him to be harassed at work.
Look, it’s a mystery: to me that job has never liked, it was not clearly on my way. Looking back on that experience as a young girl, of course, I remember several abuses: during the photo was not always easy. The reason I wanted to do Bombshell it is precisely because the experience of violence implicit in that world is not specific to an industry or an environment: it happens to women that pick up the avocado, or those who work in the bank, and covers every part of the world, every culture, nationality, and class.

The seduction of power

She is the mother of two children who will grow up (hopefully) in a different society, a more multi-cultural, and without discrimination, abuse, and sexual harassment. How do you see their future?
Are not so optimistic… (laughs) I do not think that you will never be an ideal society, totally equal. Humans will always be complicated, confused, bunglers, and prone to make mistakes. But I also think that in the world of our children’s unacceptable behaviour will be punished. The bad, however, there will always be, it is inevitable.
The harassment is no doubt an imposition of power, and the power is always seductive…
I agree. But to see a man of power as Roger les ailes defeated and deposed from his position is a real message, and the same is true for influential figures such as Harvey Weinstein and journalists like Matt Lauer and Charlie Rose. The corporation perderenno their supporters if you do not intervene in cases like these. But the themes of dance are many: it will take time, for example, before women will reach the same level of men. It is a stigma in our culture: if you have a child and jobs – especially in a position of responsibility – according to the most means that you do not you spend enough to your son… If you’re a powerful man, you place your family photos on your desk as a point of honor, and it is beautiful and done! You are a great leader and you also beautiful little children and a wife to show. Told Me so also Hilary Clinton! (laughs)

Charlize Theron in Bombshell (2019).

The art of resilience

Become a producer of Hollywood success is not a walk, and she has done it. What are the qualities that have helped her grow up to be Charlize Theron?
Oh my God! Mah, a combination of different elements. I was helped by so many who have believed in me and have taken me under their wing, offering me valuable opportunities. I would not have certainly been able to do it all by itself. However, if there is a quality that we, women of south Africa we have, is the resilience, the tendency to not give up. If you grow up in a Country like my own to learn immediately to overcome obstacles and to be tenacious. They are also convinced that, when someone believes in you and devotes the time, attention and energy, you have to repay a lot of confidence and engage with all the forces to give you something really good. I I put all. (smiles)

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