Charms in the Air, Celia Lora Lets Herself Be Caressed in an Open Bikini

Alex Lora’s daughter gets affectionate and gets into cuddling with another woman wearing intense open bikinis by the sea

weeping away with her intrepid uncovered curves, the beautiful Mexican model Celia Lora once again unleashed low passions on social networks, after she allowed herself to be caressed by a woman while they were out on a yacht.

And it is that it is nothing more and nothing less than the famous model Manelyk González, who with much irreverence appear the two very close together, modeling intense open beach suits showing too much.

It was through her official Instagram account that Celia Lora shared the irreverent postcard where she boasted of the great affection she has for Mane, as they approached very lovingly to appear giving each other a lot of love with a fervent hug.

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So what quickly became a trend in social networks by their followers, who undoubtedly were excited to see them so close and showing off their tiny summer outfits, accumulating more than 170 thousand reactions of ‘likes’ in the form of the well-known red hearts.

For her part, Celia Lora put on a small two-piece suit and a fishnet dress on top, making the large openings reveal her fervent charms, while Manelyk opted for a swimsuit but thanks to its large opening at the side, taught more than necessary.

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This is how the beautiful women decided to model for the lens of the camera because while riding a yacht along the beaches of Cozumel because with the irreverence that characterizes them they made it very clear why they are the favorites of Acapulco Shore since they do not have any problem in showing more those charms that are always very visible.

Alex Lora’s daughter is one of the women who has captured the spotlight the most, so as soon as she shares a beautiful postcard her fans are aware of its content.

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